The basic functionality of XRPL Hooks smart contracts successfully passed the audit

Over 2,000 tokens issued on XRP Ledger in a year

XPPL Labs has made a breakthrough in improving the XRP Ledger and making it a strong Ethereum competitor. The latest achievement includes the successful completion of a comprehensive security audit regarding the Hooks Amendment, a vital element that will expand the range of services available to users.

According to an official announcement published by XRPL Labs, the “Hooks” amendment, which is intended to make the XRP Ledger fully programmable, has successfully passed a security audit. The protocol update codebase has been reviewed by FYEO, an American cybersecurity innovator.

FYEO uses artificial intelligence (AI) tools to provide rigorous third-party stress testing for blockchain software. The audit covered all elements of the potential update, including the Hook API, helper functions, and the runtime.

XRPL Hooks are essentially smart contracts for the XRP Ledger. They will allow developers to write programs with basic economic logic, not unlike the main smart contract platforms.

According to Witse Wind, a well-known developer of the ecosystem, Hooks play a key role in bridging the gap between XRPL and Ethereum. This amendment allows you to create custom logic and automation in the main ledger, improving the intelligence and convenience of transactions.

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