The authorities of Burkina Faso found a warehouse with explosives in the capital of the Republic

Ouagadougou, 4 February. Employees of the National Anti-Fraud Authority of Burkina Faso discovered a warehouse of banned substances in the capital of the republic.

Government officials confiscated a large amount of dynamite, several rolls of detonating cords, potassium cyanide and other substances illegal in the country. Law enforcement is investigating to identify the owner and question him within the law.

“The owner of the warehouse at the moment is an unknown person who is hiding from justice. However, we have begun investigative measures that will help us find the perpetrator, ”said one of the employees of the department.

Earlier, representatives of the Public Relations Office of the Armed Forces of Burkina Faso shared the successes of the army of the republic in the fight against the terrorist threat. The fighters of the country’s Armed Forces are actively resisting the militants, confiscating their equipment and weapons, and have also reduced the number of attacks by radicals on civilians.

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