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The author of Die Welt accused the United States of economic pressure on Germany

Despite the fact that Germany is already in a state of deep economic crisis, the United States continues to put serious economic pressure on the country. Thomas Straubhaar, a columnist for the German newspaper Die Welt, wrote about this on Sunday, July 24, in his column.

“What is new and extremely dangerous <...> is the simultaneity of crises and the fact that between individual negative events self-amplifying chain reactions begin to occur, the consequences of which are uncertain, difficult to control and difficult to assess – typical snowball effects,” the author said, pointing to the multiplicity of causing damage to the economy of factors.

Germany, according to Straubhaar, is presented by the United States with a difficult choice: either the FRG, along with all of Europe, chooses the United States as an ally, and China as an enemy, or rejects the transatlantic alliance and, as a result, loses its military shield in the form of Washington.

On July 20, Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Combat Command Eastern Zone spokesman Shi Yi called the United States the main destroyer of peace and stability.

On July 18, the head of the press service of the US State Department, Ned Price, said that Washington would not disregard any attempts by Beijing to provide assistance to Russia and would take appropriate preventive measures.

Prior to this, at the end of June, China’s representative to the UN, Zhang Jun, said that China was “extremely alarmed” by NATO’s attempts to use the conflict in Ukraine and Donbass as a pretext for starting a “new cold war” and bloc confrontation. At the same time, China advocates a diplomatic solution to the crisis around Ukraine.

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