The airline took away the passport from the Russian deported from the USA

Emirates Airlines took away the passport of a Russian deported from the United States. On Sunday, July 24, the man told the 78 TV channel.

According to the Petersburger, at passport control in Miami he was suspected of having worked illegally last year on a tourist visa, after which all his belongings were taken away and sent first to the United Arab Emirates, and then to St. Petersburg.

“Actually, they said that it was free, at the expense of the country, but in the Emirates it turned out that I had to pay for the ticket. They kept my passport, didn’t give it to me until I paid,” he said.

The man noted that he spent almost two days at the airport. Now the Petersburger has been released from the plane in St. Petersburg, but now he has to find his lost luggage.

The airline has not commented on the situation.

Earlier, on September 28, it was reported that the Russian Alexei Burkov, accused of cybercrimes, was deported to Russia from the United States.

The Russian is accused of being involved in the manufacture and sale of fake bank cards and trading in personal data of clients of financial institutions.

In 2020, a Virginia state court sentenced him to nine years in prison. After that, the American side decided to deport Burkov.

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