The Accounts Chamber announced a record low execution of the privatization plan in Russia

The plan for the privatization of federal property for 2017–2019 in Russia was fulfilled only by 25%, which was the lowest figure in the last ten years. This is reported in the report of the Accounts Chamber.

“In 2017–2019, the privatization forecast plan was amended 58 times. The privatization of 21 blocks of shares was suspended. The plan included objects, the privatization of which was impossible for various reasons. In addition, the analysis revealed cases of the sale of companies in the absence of registration of rights to real estate, as well as cases of bringing to the bidders inaccurate information about the composition of the property, which reduced the investment interest of potential buyers “, – the auditor Andrey Baturkin noted at the board meeting following the analysis. are given in the material.

The inflow of funds to the federal budget from privatization has also declined. In 2017, it amounted to 15.1 billion rubles, and in 2019 – 12.1 billion rubles. In total, the federal budget received 40.8 billion rubles from the privatization of federal property for the period 2017–2019. (82.3% of budget assignments).

The reasons for the low revenues to the federal budget were the absence of large sales, an increase in the share of sales of federal property through a public offering and without a price announcement, as well as ineffective work of agents selling federal property. The JV also negatively assessed the changes in some strategic planning documents.

At the same time, “in 2020, despite the pandemic, Rosimushchestvo managed to fulfill the target for the receipt of funds from the sale of shares (compared to 2019, it increased by 9%).”

About how the first precedent of challenging the privatization deal was created – in the material of “Kommersant”, “BSK returned to the state.”

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