The 10 Most Interesting Cryptocurrency Articles of the Week

Cryptocurrency continues to be in the news, both good and bad. Here are 10 of the most interesting cryptocurrency articles from the past week.

Cryptocurrency Market News Today

These Are Our Ten Favorite Stories About Virtual Currencies From This Past Week: As cryptocurrency continues to be an exciting and rapidly developing sector, we want to make sure you don’t miss any stories that could help you get a leg up on your fellow investors. In that spirit, we bring you our ten favorite articles about virtual currencies from all around the web. 1. How Ethereum Is Making It Easier For Companies To Raise Money via Wired 2. A German Bank Just Paid €81 Million ($96 Million) In Compensation For Complaints That It Didn’t Properly Secure Crypto Clients’ Assets via Fortune 3. SEC Charges EtherDelta Founder With Operating Unregistered Exchange via Finance Magnates 4.

China’s Largest Crypto Exchange Huobi Hints At U.S. Expansion via CCN 6. The First $400 Million Ethereum Token Sale is Going Live Today via Coindesk 7. The Next Generation Of Chinese Crypto Exchanges Won’t Offer Spot Trading, Instead, They’ll Serve Institutional Clients via Cointelegraph 8.

West Virginia Could Become A Hub For Crypto Mining via Coindesk 10. The Total Crypto Market Has Gained $6 Billion In 30 Days; Where’s The Market Going Next? via Coindesk. __________________________________

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An $8.6 billion industry, Bitcoin is a technological breakthrough that’s shaking up the financial world and changing how money moves around. Every day, there are new stories written about ways to use Bitcoin and what cryptocurrencies will rise up next. Every week, we’re highlighting some of these most interesting pieces in one place—our top ten.

This week, news from around cryptocurrency has been dominated by stories about governments and regulators—both deciding whether or not to back digital assets and discussing how to regulate them. This comes in many forms: a U.S.

Bitcoin Price Today

The value of a single bitcoin continues to rise and at $7,600 (as of June 14, 2018), it’s now more than double its 2017 low.

With that said, bitcoin was created in 2008 and it’s still incredibly early to understand where things will go. There are a few more hurdles for cryptocurrencies to overcome, such as governments taking action against them and competing coins gaining traction (see my latest Bitcoin price today post for more information on that). For now, there are several reasons to invest in bitcoin if you have extra money lying around – but before doing so, I would highly recommend researching what cryptocurrency is and where it might be headed. A good place to start is with my beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency. Here are some interesting stories from June 2018.

For more information on what cryptocurrency is and where it might be headed, check out my beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency. The market cap for all cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, is $300 billion USD as of June 14th, 2018. That’s still a drop in the bucket compared to major currencies like gold ($8 trillion) or silver ($12 trillion). With that said, remember how early bitcoin was created. It took about 9 years for its value to increase from $0 to $1,000 (which took place in 2013). While there are other coins that could grow into something truly huge one day (Ethereum being a popular choice), we have no idea if any will rise into something as big as bitcoin has.

Today Bitcoin price is 1 BTC = 38569.30 USD.


The privacy-focused cryptocurrency has been on a roll lately—perhaps its biggest win yet came when Riccardo Spagni, better known as FluffyPony in crypto circles, made it onto The Silk Road Trial jury. If you’re not familiar with FluffyPony, check out his Twitter; he is an absolute riot. The trial is still ongoing and speculation has it that Monero will make another big move once a verdict is announced. While there aren’t any specific dates yet set for jury deliberations, many believe that once they start in earnest we could see XMR prices touch $300-$400 fairly quickly. This would be a huge feat for such a small market cap coin—something to keep an eye on!


Setting a New Standard in Blockchain Governance: A new type of blockchain is rising on the other side. That may sound like something from an old spy movie or a Game of Thrones episode, but it’s true. It’s coming in the form of Tezos, and its blockchain uses self-amending ledger technology. Simply put, Tezos has built-in governance that allows developers to update its code on a regular basis. That means no more contentious hard forks and no arguing over what direction development should go next; instead, smart contracts can update themselves for as long as developers want them to function within their set parameters.


Its time has come? – These days there are lots of cryptocurrency projects which intend to create their own blockchain. One major project is Cardano. This new platform combines some interesting technical solutions, including a sophisticated Ouroboros proof-of-stake protocol, with a team of leading researchers and scientists in cryptography, distributed systems and cryptocurrency. You can read more about it here.


This week, Litecoin’s price was flat but some new development was made on its testnet (Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin). The team released a new Core version for Litecoin, 0.16.2, with two major changes: a) A bugfix to stop coins from being generated incorrectly and b) segregated witness support. SegWit makes transactions smaller in size by separating signature data from transaction data, meaning that more transactions can be put into each block and thus reducing fees. In addition to that Litecoin has been included in another exchange; HitBTC added LTC-USDT trading pair at 10th February.


Why EOS is a Play for Long-Term Profits: This coin has all the makings of a top pick. Looking at both its long-term chart and recent performance, it’s clear that there are two scenarios that may play out with EOS. In one scenario, we could see a massive spike in EOS prices to $50 or even higher. In another scenario, we could see a large pullback as soon as September 2018 before another push higher takes place during 2019. Whatever happens in between now and 2021 is anyone’s guess, but one thing is clear: if you invest today, you can get in at what appears to be incredibly cheap prices. The Crypto King talks about his picks for coins with huge upside potential – including EOS.


The Ripple price keeps on soaring, and if it gains 15 percent during any seven-day period, its market cap will reach $100 billion—making it bigger than PayPal. While most investors don’t yet understand how Ripple works (and why they should care), that may change in 2018 as more people get involved with cryptocurrency. It also helps that some analysts are predicting a drop in bitcoin prices come February or March. If a few well-known voices begin to doubt BTC, we could see a huge shift in sentiment when people look for alternatives to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Look out for Stellar (XLM) too; its potential is huge right now but no one is paying attention just yet.


Market activity and speculation about China’s cryptocurrency regulations have contributed to dramatic price fluctuations in NEO. Trading pairs for NEO can be purchased with fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies on Binance, which is one of several exchanges where NEO trades. Ethereum and Litecoin can be used to purchase tokens on some exchanges, though not all trading pairs are available. The coin has also been listed by a number of other exchanges. The most recent listing occurred when Switcheo added NEO/USDT trading pairs to its exchange in October 2017. Other listings include OKEx, KuCoin, Bittrex, and DigiFinex among others.


New Chinese Documentary Highlights Blockchain’s Role in Fight Against Corruption: In a bid to fight corruption, China recently announced that it would be cracking down on fraudulent blockchain projects. But it is also working on ways to implement blockchain technology across various sectors in order to enhance the security and efficiency of its public services. By using Tron (TRX), an open-source protocol based on blockchain technology, China can facilitate peer-to-peer transactions while keeping its population’s data private and secure. Tron’s decentralized nature makes it a perfect fit for institutions looking to protect their users from cybercriminals; making it more likely for Tron to become China’s, next technological darling.


The cryptocurrency world has a lot going on right now, with new developments popping up every day. It can be tough to keep track of all that’s happening and even tougher to pick out exactly what news is worth your time. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are our picks for the most interesting cryptocurrency articles from last week

Stellar Lumens

Stellar is a decentralized protocol that aims to provide an open, global financial network. It connects people, payment systems, and banks through its platform. Its native currency, lumens (XLM), acts as a bridge between different fiat currencies. This enables Stellar to quickly and cheaply facilitate cross-border transactions between any two currencies in addition to micropayments that can be used for mobile payments in emerging markets without a bank account. In late August 2017, Stellar announced it had partnered with Keybase and would soon support their crypto apps’ accounts on their platform. The company also plans to integrate Lightning Network into its system in 2018 via a partnership with tech firm Coil.

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