Tesla rose 14 billion a day a week & nbsp

    The market capitalization of an American electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, grew by $ 70 billion last week. About it informs Bloomberg Edition.
    Capitalization, as Rambler reported, is the value of an object based on its market price. In October, Tesla’s capitalization exceeded the capitalization of one of the three leading US automakers General Motors.
    Over the course of five trading days, last week it grew by the combined value of all three — Ford, Fiat Chrysler, and General Motors — by about $ 70 billion, an average of 14 billion dollars a day or for the capitalization of Fiat Chrysler.

    Tesla shares rose at least 5% in four out of five trading sessions. Bloomberg connects this with the second-quarter auto supply figures presented by Tesla on July 2, 90 thousand copies, which is higher than analysts’ forecasts.

    “Tesla’s capitalization is meaningless by traditional standards, but it is not a traditional company, so how do you apply traditional measures to it?” – said Ivan Finsett from Tigress Financial Partners.

    . (Source: rambler)

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