Tesla lost $ 15 billion after Mask provocative statements


    It is not yet clear what the inventor intended, users of social networks suggest that he has some kind of plan.

    Tesla shares fell more than 10% on Friday after several strange and provocative statements by its owner Elon Mask about their excessively high value and the sale of all their property, MarketWatch analysts said.

    The inventor’s company ended the day with a market capitalization of about $ 130 billion, losing nearly $ 15 billion. The value of securities fell from $ 772.77 at the beginning of the session to $ 701.32 at the end.

    Meanwhile, Elon Musk is doing something strange against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. On Wednesday, he shocked investors with a statement that he would not close enterprises, including the largest Tesla plant in California, as he should have done because of coronavirus infection.

    This was followed by several provocative statements on Twitter, the inventor expressed the opinion that quarantine is a violation of people’s freedom, and the forced imprisonment of the house violates all constitutional rights.

    After that, the billionaire refused to connect the mass deaths in the United States with CoViD-19 and again called for the release of people. An hour later, a series of tweets of strange content were published, to which Musk also did not give explanations.

    Users expressed different opinions about what was happening, someone thought that the inventor’s page had been hacked, others suggested that this was another provocation and some tricky business plan, so that they could later buy their own shares at a low price. However, the truth is not yet clear.

    Earlier it was reported that some billionaires from the United States, including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Tesla owner Elon Musk, were able to increase their fortune by tens of billions of dollars, despite the coronavirus pandemic, which caused serious material damage to the whole world.

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