Techno_saturday: Sberbank showed an unmanned electric car

Techno_saturday: Sberbank showed an unmanned electric car

In this issue we will tell you:

  • Sberbank presented an autonomous electric vehicle.
Tech giant Sber has unveiled a prototype of an unmanned utility vehicle called FLIP. The car is a tall capsule on wheels, inside of which wide seats for six passengers are installed opposite each other.

  • Fusion is getting closer.

The UK launched the modernized MAST Upgrade tokamak, bringing its performance to an unprecedented level. A tokamak is a magnetic chamber for holding plasma heated to one hundred and fifty million degrees.

  • The next revolutionary batteries are presented.
In the phrase “revolutionary accumulators” I pronounced the word “revolutionary” with irony. Australia’s Graphene Manufacturing Group has created aluminum and graphene batteries that will compete with traditional lithium-ion batteries in the future.

  • The new USB can power anything at all.
Recently, a new standard for the USB-C interface was introduced, the main innovation of which was the transmission of power of two hundred and forty watts. The previous version of USB-C transmitted up to one hundred watts, which is also a lot.

  • The world of cryptocurrencies is storming.

The week brought some entertaining news about cryptocurrencies. Gene Hoffman, the creator of the Chia cryptocurrency, which requires hard drives and high-capacity SSDs to mine, admitted that his brainchild has caused a global shortage of storage drives.

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