Bus passenger beat the conductor in front of the mayor’s office in Yekaterinburg

NEVA NEWS | Dmitry Arkhipov A bus conductor in Yekaterinburg was attacked by an inadequate passenger. The man attacked his victim in the interior of the vehicle, when the latter drove past the city hall. It all happened on bus number 57. According to eyewitnesses, there was a verbal skirmish between the passenger and the … Read more

International historical school opened in Yekaterinburg

In the building of the Ural Federal University in the early morning, the guests were greeted by ancient Russian warriors, Peter I, the pilot of the times of the Great Patriotic War and the White Guard – this is how the clubs of reenactors welcomed more than 150 students and graduate students from 38 countries … Read more

A pipe break led to the flooding of Shcherbakov Street in Yekaterinburg

pxhere.com The accident on the networks of the water utility occurred on the evening of September 29 at the intersection of Shcherbakov and Samoletnaya streets in Yekaterinburg. As a result of the incident, the road was flooded. Specialists quickly moved to the place to find out the reasons for the technological violation. As explained in … Read more

In Yekaterinburg, 19 defendants in a drug trafficking case worth 52 million rubles were convicted

According to the department, members of the criminal group, using the Internet site, distributed “products” in the territory of the Kurgan, Tyumen, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions. They managed to sell illegal substances worth more than 52 million rubles. Most drug dealers have already been prosecuted. .

The body of a man was found in the courtyard of a residential building in Yekaterinburg

Federal News Agency A resident of Yekaterinburg was found dead in the courtyard of a residential building located at the intersection of Shchorsa and Chaikovsky streets. This is reported by the publication E1. One of the eyewitnesses of the incident said that the man fell out of the window. From his injuries, he died on … Read more

Passers-by stumbled upon the corpse of a man in the courtyard of a house in Yekaterinburg

In the courtyard of a residential building in Yekaterinburg, passers-by found the body of a man. The initial examination did not reveal signs of violent death, reports E1.RU with reference to Alexander Shulga, senior assistant to the head of the regional Investigative Committee. .