Voenkor Izvestia showed the combat work of the fighters of the battalion “Tavrida”

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Pushilin: the work of Ukrainian saboteurs was minimized in the vicinity of Krasny Liman

Gilles Bader/Keystone Press Agency The Ukrainian command minimized the work of sabotage and reconnaissance groups in the direction of Krasny Liman and Yampol. The Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to choose the tactics of shelling the territories, said the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin. The politician also said that the Ukrainian army … Read more

The work of mobile mortars “Vasilek” of the People’s Militia of the DPR on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was filmed

Soldiers of the People’s Militia of the DPR use unique and quick-firing mortars “Vasilek” in the mobile version to destroy manpower and fortified positions of Ukrainian nationalists .

In Lipetsk, volunteers are looking for a woman who took time off from work and disappeared without a trace

pxhere.com A resident of Lipetsk disappeared after taking time off from work due to poor health. The search for a woman continues for the fourth day. This was told in the regional detachment “LizaAlert”. According to the orientation, the Lipchanka disappeared on the morning of September 13th. Shortly before this, she had suffered an illness, … Read more

Warner Bros. started work on the sequel to “Constantine” with Keanu Reeves

frame from the movie “Konstantin” Studio Warner Bros. began work on the sequel to the fantasy action movie “Konstantin”. Keanu Reeves will return to the role of John Constantine in the second part. The film will be directed by Francis Lawrence, who directed the first film, and written by Akiva Goldsman. The sequel will be … Read more

The combat work of D-20 howitzers on the fields of a special operation was caught on video

MOD Russia/via Globallookpress.com Footage of the combat work of D-20 howitzer crews on the fields of a military special operation to protect Donbass has appeared on the Web. The relevant footage was provided by the Russian Ministry of Defense, REN TV reports. Artillerymen aim at Ukrainian positions as part of counter-battery fire. Howitzers blow up … Read more

The Ministry of Defense shared footage of the work of T-72 tanks as part of a special operation in Ukraine

In the presented video, the crew of the T-72, led by commander junior sergeant Ilyaz Yunusov, successfully destroyed an impressive amount of enemy equipment. 11 tanks, four pickup trucks and armored personnel carriers of Ukrainian troops were liquidated. Russian servicemen also killed over 60 nationalists and foreign mercenaries. .

Warner has begun work on a sequel to “Constantine” with Keanu Reeves

Film company Warner Bros. will shoot the sequel to the fantastic thriller “Konstantin: The Lord of Darkness”. On Friday, September 16, writes Deadline. It is already known that the lead actor in the first film, Keanu Reeves, will return to the role of exorcist John Constantine. The project will be directed by the original director … Read more

Video: Vladimir Putin thanked the staff of the hotel where the Russian delegation was staying during the SCO summit for their work

After talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Russian President Vladimir Putin approached the staff of the five-star Samarkand Regency Hotel, where the Russian delegation was staying during the SCO summit, and thanked for their work. The Russian President was greeted with applause.