The prosecutor’s office suspended the work of the burger restaurant advertised by Morgenstern

Global Look Press | Pavel Kashaev The prosecutor’s office suspended the work of the metropolitan burger shop, which was advertised by rapper Alisher Morgenstern * (included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of individuals-foreign agents). This was reported in the press service of the Moscow prosecutor’s office. The cafe associated with Morgenstern was … Read more

Misha Marvin, who condemned the SVO, returned to Moscow and continued to work at Black Star

The singer continued to work in Black Star, according to the Telegram channel “And now attention!”. Officially, the performer will not be a member of the label, but the company will produce the Ukrainian artist. Apparently, Marvin will no longer criticize SVO, but will continue to further promote his work in Russia. .

A resident of the Voronezh region went to work driving a red foreign car and disappeared without a trace

ikolay Gyngazov/Russian Look/Globallookpress In the Voronezh region, they began searching for a missing 58-year-old man who left for work in his car and did not return. According to the Liza Alert search and rescue team, Nikolai Geychenko left Rossosh in a red Chevrolet Aveo car in an unknown direction on September 17. Since then, his … Read more

Russian companies have to look for employees in other regions

In total, about 300 employers from different regions and business sectors took part in the survey. 76% of respondents complained about the lack of necessary personnel in their city, 20% are looking for employees in other regions due to the level of professional competencies of applicants, 18% – because of the motivation of specialists from … Read more

Biden adviser urged US authorities to work hard to reduce inflation

According to Bernstein, the actions of the US Federal Reserve System as part of the increase in the discount rate have already reduced the growth in consumer value, including the pace in the real estate market. This cools the superheated sphere. Fed chief Jerome Powell vowed to fight inflation in the US. .

Harvard scientists found that night shift workers need to eat only during the day

At the same time, the participants in the experiment regularly filled out a mood scale, from sad and tense to happy and relaxed. As it turned out, people who ate both during the day and at night had more negative emotions. But those who ate only during daylight hours did not notice any emotional abnormalities … Read more

Nechiporenko: CIA will continue subversive work for the sake of Washington’s world domination M. Highsmith/Public Domain The US Central Intelligence Agency will continue to carry out subversive actions, sabotage and terror, and will begin to use new technologies to maintain Washington’s global dominance. This opinion is shared by a veteran of the Russian special services Oleg Nechiporenko. The CIA was created in 1947 after the passage of … Read more

Voenkor Izvestia showed the combat work of the fighters of the battalion “Tavrida”

Soldiers of the volunteer Cossack battalion “Tavrida” in the Zaporozhye region are firing at the enemy from all guns. This was announced on Saturday, September 17, by Izvestia correspondent Roman Polshakov. “They are working on identified targets near the village of Kamenskoye. They noticed the movement of the enemy and equipment,” the journalist said. At … Read more

Voenkor Izvestia showed the combat work of the fighters of the battalion “Tavrida”

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