Coffee was taken to a remote location // Russians buy coffee machines

The pandemic and teleworking have fueled increased demand for coffee machines. For nine months, the Russians purchased 1 million coffee makers for 13 billion rubles, calculated in M.Video-Eldorado. The spike in sales began in 2020 and continues to grow amid the growing trend for household consumption. According to experts, the trend will continue due to … Read more

Conveyors get up without an order // Olga Nikitina on the work of car factories on non-working days

The St. Petersburg plant “Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus” (HMMR), where Hyundai and Kia are assembled, while the only one among the players in the automotive industry announced the suspension of production for the period of non-working days (October 30 – November 7). This is an unexpected step, since the enterprises of the industry are included … Read more

Non-lethal outcome // New airport requirements lead to flight stops

Aviation market participants ask the Ministry of Transport to revise the security requirements for small airports as soon as possible. The new rules came into force on October 5, in order to satisfy them, airports need to invest billions of rubles. The Ministry of Transport has already announced its readiness to soften the requirements, but … Read more

Unequal employment // Distance work has had a mixed effect on women’s work

The expansion of telecommuting during the pandemic has had a mixed impact on women’s career opportunities in Russia. The majority of women interviewed by labor market experts said that it became easier to combine work and home thanks to telecommuting. But at the same time, many respondents faced difficulties due to the lack of conditions … Read more

The expected economy of “Gostekh”

The scale of government spending reduction on the creation of GIS, which is provided by the abolition of duplication of the same work (according to Mr. Shadayev, “departments are reinventing the wheel”) by hundreds of government customers, were not evaluated at the conference – and, apparently, this is not so much the case as the … Read more

Retailers Ensure Continuity // How Non-Food Chains Plan to Operate During a Lockdown

The ban on the work of non-food retail, introduced in Moscow and some other regions, is not planned to be observed by all market participants. Thus, the clothing chain Gloria Jeans intends to continue working as usual, referring to the fact that at least 30% of its assortment is made up of essential goods. Leroy … Read more

Virus in one price in euros and rubles // IMF sees no big differences in the economic recovery of Russia and Europe

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published its Regional Economic Outlook: Europe. The work allows, among other things, to consider the recovery of the Russian economy in a pan-European context. It differs only in a number of parameters from the emerging markets of Europe, while the IMF’s currently projected GDP growth in the region will … Read more

Unequal restrictions // Anatoly Kostyrev on the conflict between retail and online stores

The non-working regime announced on October 21 in Moscow and restricting the operation of shops, restaurants and services from October 28 to November 7 may add fuel to the fire of the conflict that has been smoldering since the beginning of the pandemic. …

More than a third of Russians want to work less

More than a third (39%) would like to reduce the number of their working hours in order to achieve a balance between personal life and work, according to a study by the service and the Viber messenger. Half of Russian citizens spend 40-50 hours a week on work. More than 17.5 thousand respondents over … Read more