Ecologist Galhidi: Hungary has recorded a rapid increase in demand for wood Hungarians’ interest in wood has increased by about 50%, said Laszlo Galhygy, a member of the WWF Hungarian Forestry Programme. The analyst, in an interview with RIA Novosti journalists, suggested that local logging companies would most likely be able to meet the needs of local residents. However, Galkhid considered the government’s decision to simplify … Read more

The Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus pointed to the opportunities that have opened up in Europe due to the energy crisis

He recalled that Belarus produces a huge amount of woodworking products. According to Parkhomchik, against the backdrop of the observed energy crisis, Minsk may start supplying this product to Europe for heating. The deputy prime minister spoke about this on the air of the ONT TV channel. .

Pine trees cut down for the construction of a hospital in Chita will be given to a correctional colony

Pine trees that were cut down to free up land for the construction of the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital on Kokhansky Street in Chita will be given to correctional colony No. 5. From it convicts will make furniture. .

Koh-i-Noor pencils will rise in price due to the ban of the Russian Federation on the export of wood

Pencils from the Czech manufacturer Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth may rise in price by 15-20% due to Russian counter-sanctions. This was reported on August 3 by Seznam Zpravy. “The wood that we used to import from Russia can no longer be imported from the country. We buy it from China, which will buy raw materials from Russia, … Read more

Sumy resident modified his car to run on wood due to problems with gasoline in Ukraine Long queues for petrol at Ukrainian gas stations forced a Sumy resident to modify his car to run on wood. A car with an unusual unit was noticed at the Central Market of the city. The enthusiast screwed the installation to the luggage compartment, thus expanding the capabilities of his vehicle. Prt Scr … Read more

A half-naked Petersburger in a hat almost killed a lumber delivery man because of a Christmas tree

The incident occurred late in the evening, when a 63-year-old delivery man brought an order with lumber to the brawler’s neighbors. The Petersburger told the pensioner that he would kill him if he damaged a small spruce on the site with a truck. To defend himself, the courier used a can of engine cleaner. Then … Read more

More than 50 hectares of dead wood burnt out in a day in Kamchatka

In Kamchatka, more than 50 hectares of dry vegetation burned out in one day. Firefighters went out to put out the grass four times. According to IA KamchatkaMedia with reference to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the largest fire occurred in the area of ​​the 29th km of the Seaport-Airport highway, … Read more