American woman dies of burns after trying to scare away insects

The victim of the tragedy was a 36-year-old resident of Florida. She lit a fire to scare off insects and decided to pour gasoline into it. Suddenly, the canister ignited and exploded right in her hands. The flames engulfed the woman, who began to roll on the ground in a panic. .

Ryazan police detained a drunk woman who is on the federal wanted list

Global Look Press | Alexander Chaplygin/Russian Look In Ryazan, police officers detained a 37-year-old woman who is on the federal wanted list for systematic theft. This was reported by the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs. On Monday, December 5, an employee of a shopping center on Moscow Highway turned to the … Read more

The Russian woman complained about the dirt and furniture “polluted by birds” in one of the hotels in Egypt

The four-star hotel disappointed the girl. The traveler drew attention to the dirt in the room, old furniture, gray linens and dirty plumbing. The Russian woman did not like the open-air bar either, as the chairs turned out to be “polluted with bird droppings.” However, no one cares about this, the tourist complained. According to … Read more

A woman and a two-year-old child were injured in a fire in Moscow

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Nigerian woman buries illegitimate baby alive near toilet Police arrest a Nigerian woman for killing her own child. The crime was committed in the state of Jigawa, according to Vanguard. The baby’s mother was 30-year-old Balaraba Shehu. She became pregnant by her 25-year-old lover Amadou Sale. The woman promised her lover to get rid of the child immediately after his birth. She … Read more

A man attacked a woman with a knife, and then stabbed his grandmother near Voronezh Law enforcement officers solved the attempt and murder in the Voronezh region. On suspicion of crimes, a 27-year-old resident of the village of Ramon was detained, they said in the regional Investigative Committee of the ICR. The victim was walking home along Mosin Street. In the yards, a man attacked her and inflicted several … Read more

Rescuers did not confirm the information about the found body of a woman under the rubble in Nizhnevartovsk

Emergency services did not confirm or deny the information about the discovered body of a woman under the rubble in Nizhnevartovsk. In this regard, at the moment it is too early to talk about an increase in the number of victims of a gas explosion, a FAN source said. .