Ethologist Hansen Whit said about the ability of wolves to become attached to humans

Experts studied the behavior of 12 husky dogs and ten wolves. The juveniles were handled by a woman who appeared in the room with different people and then played with them. As it turned out, gray predators preferred to contact a familiar person. .

Final preparations for the Night Wolves bike show

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The guests of the Night Wolves bike show were greeted by a triptych of monuments

A crowd of spectators from different cities of Russia is already warming up at the Night Wolves motorcycle show to rock and roll, which sounds on Mount Gasfort in Sevastopol. Very soon, the headliners will also take the stage: the groups Alisa, 25/17 and the musician Vadim Samoilov. “I did not expect such grandeur. I’m … Read more

Groups Alisa and Kipelov will perform at the Night Wolves bike show in Crimea

On the evening of August 6, the Night Wolves bike show will begin in Sevastopol. The organizers of the event promise the audience an unforgettable experience, fiery special effects and breathtaking tricks from the participants of the show. On the territory of the festival, final preparations are underway: in mobile cafes, treats are prepared for … Read more

Sobyanin, Chemezov with his son and the club “Night Wolves” added to the black list of the EU

The seventh EU sanctions list included 57 individuals and legal entities, including Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov, his son Stanislav and First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov. The measures also affected other Russian politicians, intelligence officers and military leaders. Among them: First Deputy Director of the FSB of Russia Sergey Korolev, … Read more

HBO has not renewed Raised by Wolves for a third season

Actor Abubakar Salim played the Father in the popular TV series. He wrote a post on Reddit in which he talked about the closure of “Raised by Wolves” after the second season. There has not yet been an official announcement of the end of the project, because the creators are still hoping to find a … Read more

The Ministry of Justice recognized Leonid Volkov and Vladimir Kara-Murza as foreign agents

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has added to the register of individuals acting as foreign agents. Now it includes an associate of the convicted blogger Alexei Navalny* (included in the list of terrorists and extremists on the Rosfinmonitoring website) Leonid Volkov (an individual or organization recognized as foreign agents in the Russian … Read more

The memory of unrequited love can be fed to wolves in the USA

An unusual action for Valentine’s Day was organized by employees of a wildlife shelter in Pennsylvania. For a nominal fee, they offer their customers to feed the wolves cookies with the name of a former lover. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but for some this holiday is not the happiest. Especially for those … Read more