Journalists learned the details of Pugacheva’s will

Komsomolskaya Pravda/Global Look Press Russian pop star Alla Pugacheva recently returned to Russia, but not everyone understood why. There are suggestions that the singer intends to make a will, or to sell the castle in the village of Gryaz on her own. The journalists of the publication “Komsomolskaya Pravda” found out that the document was … Read more

political scientist Starikov about the wills of the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In his opinion, the strange order will not give the fighting spirit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but will add theft and some other sad manifestations, but since a special military operation should lead to denazification, that is, a change in the current Kyiv regime, in addition to demining a huge number of territories, … Read more

Increase in global balances // IMF predicts growth in global surpluses and deficits

Rising energy prices and the conflict in Ukraine will further increase the global current account balance this year to $3.9 trillion (3.8% of global GDP), according to a new report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). An excess of global volume of deficits and surpluses, according to the organization, can increase protectionism and increase trade … Read more

Say something like a central bank // ECB economists wondered if the population of Europe understands them

Economists at the European Central Bank (ECB) have published a review on the new stage of the “communication revolution of central banks”. The active communication of regulators with the professional community since the 1990s has been transformed in recent years into a discussion by central banks of the next step – direct communication with the … Read more

Farewell, unnecessary // The Ministry of Finance is ready to clear the property accumulated by the treasury

The Ministry of Finance is completing the preparation of the base for clearing the balance sheet of the Federal Property Management Agency from objects of state property that are unnecessary to the state. On, a draft government decree prepared by the department on the systematization of small-scale privatization objects has been published. According to … Read more

Press conference of the head of the Central Bank Nabiullina. Main statements

In September, the Central Bank will extend the restriction on the issuance of cash foreign currency to individuals. The Central Bank believes that the accumulation of savings by Russians can give rise to inflation: “Today, in fact, forced accumulation of savings is a compressed spring in the economy, which under certain circumstances can give rise … Read more

Nabiullina: decisions on the sale of Russian subsidiaries of foreign banks will be made individually

The head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, said at a press conference that decisions on the sale of subsidiaries of foreign banks in Russia will be made individually and depend on the attitude towards Russian banks abroad. According to her, there is no point in introducing external management for such subsidiaries now. In this … Read more

Between inflation and recession // The ECB began to tighten monetary policy

The European Central Bank (ECB) raised key rates for the first time in 11 years – and immediately by 0.5 percentage points, which brought the deposit rate out of the negative zone. The reason for the tightening of monetary policy, which was twice as sharp as expected, was the continued rise in inflation in the … Read more