Due to inflation // Operator prices may grow by 15–18% by the end of the year

At the end of 2022, the growth in prices for mobile and broadband services will be 15–18%, TelecomDaily predicts. Representatives of the operators say that the price increase that has already taken place has ranged from 2% to 15%, but argue that the increase does not exceed inflation in any case. Such an increase, according … Read more

FAS took up arms against speculators // The service asks to simplify its price control of the markets

The FAS proposed to tighten control over prices – in cases of “unreasonable” price growth, the service asks for the authority until 2024 to hold businesses accountable for collusion under a simplified scheme. De facto, this will help the state to quickly intervene in price regulation and smooth out peaks in the face of sanctions … Read more

Perfume is running out of turnover

The desire of consumers to save money, a 30% increase in the cost of popular items and a reduction in the assortment do not allow perfumery and cosmetics stores to restore sales. In the first half of June, the turnover of such outlets was 12% lower than last year, and the number of purchases was … Read more

Released strictly under the state contract

The seller of medicines is not responsible if the state registration of the drug was canceled due to third parties and after it was transferred to the buyer. This decision was made by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (SC) in a dispute between the Crimean Ministry of Health and R-Pharm, also noting the … Read more

What other EZS parameters did the Ministry of Industry and Trade change // Rules of the game

In addition to changes in the type of connectors, the new rules also provide for a transitional period for the power of the station: in 2022, the maximum output power of GB / T and CCS2 connectors must be at least 90 kW, and from 2023 – 120 kW. The output power of CHAdeMO is … Read more

Data does not fit into the system // Business opposed connection to GosSOPKA

The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) criticized the amendments to the law “On Personal Data”, according to which all their operators must connect to the cyber attack detection system. This will not help protect the private information of citizens, but will lead to financial and administrative costs for businesses and municipal organizations, experts say. … Read more

Contracts updated for the only suppliers // Demand guarantee mechanism in exchange for investments will be simplified

To stimulate investment in the regions, the State Duma approved in the first reading amendments to reduce the investment threshold for concluding offset contracts with a single supplier ten times at once – from 1 billion to 100 million rubles. The mechanism of such contracts guarantees the investor demand for his products in exchange for … Read more

Medicines were prescribed centralization // A pilot project to record electronic prescriptions will be held in four regions

In Russia, a federal register of medical prescriptions may appear, which will collect all information about electronic prescriptions for medicines. The corresponding pilot project will be launched on July 1, 2020 by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Digital Development. The project operator will be a subsidiary of the Center for the Development … Read more

Loans are being changed for governors // Commercial loans will be replaced by budget ones

The federal center will help the regions pay off their bond and bank loan debts this year. The government bill submitted to the State Duma gives the Finance Ministry the opportunity to allocate 255 billion rubles to the regions. to pay off this year’s commercial obligations and provides a deferral for previously restructured budget loans. … Read more