Gas meter rolled up billions // German gas importers estimated losses from falling supplies from Russia

German gas companies have previously estimated at €32 billion their potential losses from short deliveries of Russian gas to the country for the period from October 1, 2022 to April 1, 2024. The German authorities, in order to cover these costs of companies, have introduced a gas tax for end consumers. At the same time, … Read more

Small and medium-sized businesses will be able to receive preferential loans at 3-4.5%

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a resolution according to which small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be able to take soft loans for the restructuring and development of production at 4.5% and 3% per annum, respectively. The benefit program is valid for three years. You can take out a loan for ten years. As a … Read more

We must pay tribute // Creditors of bankrupt construction are given back the right to compensation

The Ministry of Construction, following the decision of the Constitutional Court (CC), intends to close the legal gap that arose in 2019 with the introduction of a new regulation on shared construction in terms of protecting the rights of secured creditors who financed construction without being equity holders, this applies to both individuals who purchased … Read more

SMEs will be able to receive preferential loans for investment purposes at 3–4.5%

Economics Minister Maxim Reshetnikov announced the pilot launch of a new lending program for businesses. Within the framework of it, small enterprises will be able to receive loans for investment purposes at 4.5% per annum during the grace period, medium enterprises at 3%. The minister expressed his initiative at a meeting of Prime Minister Mikhail … Read more

The invisible side of the market // The government specifies sanctions blackouts in the economy

The government consistently closes access to databases on legal entities and individuals in order to avoid the expansion of sanctions. In particular, the Ministry of Finance proposes to formalize the list of companies that will be able to classify part of the data about themselves in the registers of legal entities and financial statements, such … Read more

Moving is cheaper // Relocation of workers will be supported by the ruble

Russians under 35 from eight regions of the country will be able to receive 117 thousand rubles. when moving to work in one of the 25 labor-sufficient subjects of the Russian Federation, follows from the draft government decree developed by the Ministry of Labor. This new measure to support labor mobility, according to the department, … Read more

In line for labor productivity // The government softens the conditions for participation in the national project

The White House intends to expand the national project to increase labor productivity, allowing enterprises from any industries to participate in it in a special order. The government expects that if sectoral restrictions are abandoned, companies of the same production chain will be able to enter the national project – increasing labor productivity at all … Read more

Eni believes Italy can survive the winter without Russian gas

Gas supply in Italy now exceeds demand, Claudio Descalzi, chief executive officer of the Italian energy company Eni, said. He noted that the country now needs about 30 million cubic meters of Russian gas per day. At the same time, Mr. Descalzi believes that Italy could “survive the winter” if gas supplies from the Russian … Read more