Enforcement of government contracts will be crushed by the ceiling // The Ministry of Finance proposes to reduce it for state construction projects

As part of state construction contracts, the Ministry of Finance proposes to reduce the maximum amount of security for their execution. Thus, its amount may be limited to 15% of the cost for contracts more than 1 billion rubles. and 20% for contracts of lower amounts – it is now not uncommon for contractors to … Read more

Warned, means not fined // FAS cleans up sanctions for violations in procurement

The FAS intends to introduce a risk-based approach when punishing customers and suppliers for violations in public procurement. Thus, the service proposes to introduce differentiated amounts of fines for violations, as well as warnings for a number of compositions, which will reduce administrative pressure on businesses. The preparation of the FAS amendments is largely due … Read more

In line for labor productivity // The government softens the conditions for participation in the national project

The White House intends to expand the national project to increase labor productivity, allowing enterprises from any industries to participate in it in a special order. The government expects that if sectoral restrictions are abandoned, companies of the same production chain will be able to enter the national project – increasing labor productivity at all … Read more

Stroycontrol is exempted from standards // The Ministry of Construction updates the rules for its implementation

The Ministry of Construction has prepared a draft updated rules for conducting construction control – a mandatory procedure for assessing the compliance of work during construction and overhaul with technical regulations and project documentation. These rules have not been updated since 2010 and are partially outdated. The new version implies a departure from the cost … Read more

HIV treatment has fallen in price // The share of expensive drugs in public procurement has decreased

This year, the Ministry of Health has significantly reduced purchases of expensive modern foreign drugs for the treatment of HIV, which have no analogues, and increased purchases of cheaper drugs. This is a forced measure: funding to provide drugs to patients is not noticeably increasing, but the number of patients with HIV is growing. Experts … Read more

The Central Bank will allow to raise prices for OSAGO by 26% due to an increase in the price of spare parts

The Central Bank is going to expand the corridor of the basic OSAGO tariff by 26% in both directions for light transport. The base rate will be set by insurers individually in the range of 1646–7535 rubles. For public transport, the tariff will expand by 17.8% in both directions. The measures are associated with a … Read more

Dance, you have a courier // Russian Post will take care of express delivery from stores

The growing popularity of fast delivery of goods from stores among Russians prompted Russian Post to open a separate business line. The company began to develop as an operator that provides retailers with couriers and IT infrastructure and allows fulfilling an order from 60 minutes. Market participants believe that the emergence of a major player … Read more

Unsportsmanlike multi-argument // SC softens the practice in relation to arbitration managers

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (SC) in the framework of the bankruptcy case of Novaya Volna LLC explained that it is necessary to take a balanced approach to the issue of recovering damages from arbitration managers (AI). So, if the AC did not challenge any of the debtor’s transactions, it is necessary to … Read more