Elton John performs at the White House and receives the US National Humanities Medal

Global Look Press | Arne Dedert British singer Elton John performed for US President Joe Biden at the White House. After the concert, the head of state announced the awarding of the US National Humanitarian Award to the artist, TASS reports. “I am never stunned, but I am stunned,” John shared his emotions from the … Read more

The White House declared communism the main reason for migration

Global Look Press / Daniel Diaz / dpa Washington, 22 September. Professor of Philosophy at the University of Chicago Charisse Burden-Stally criticized the official representative of the White House Karine Jean-Pierre for her words about the role of socialism as the root cause of migration from Latin American countries to the United States. In her … Read more

Unique white marble sundial found on ancient monument in Turkey

In addition, all patterns, ornaments and inscriptions have been preserved on the watch. It is noted that excavations at this site have been going on for three years. During this time, experts have removed many sculptures, fragments of buildings and other artifacts from the water, writes Planet Today. .

The White House revealed the topics of unscheduled talks between Biden and Macron

Biden and Macron discussed joint efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. They also touched on the ongoing cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region and the difficulties associated with China. .

Black caviar from the film “White Sun of the Desert” was flushed down the toilet after filming

Fans of the film “White Sun of the Desert” remember the episode in which the performer of the role of Vereshchagin, Pavel Luspekaev, eats black caviar with spoons. It turned out that after filming the scene, the scarce delicacy was simply flushed down the toilet. .

Shakhnazarov ridiculed the production of Khamatova and Bely who fled Russia in Riga

Artists Chulpan Khamatova and Anatoly Bely have been living outside of Russia for several months. Recently in Riga, they presented a performance called “Lyudmila Petrushevskaya’s Cabaret”, which disappointed the publicist Mikhail Shakhnazarov. .

The Russian RTO “Mytishchi” has successfully worked out the transfer from the Baltic to the White Sea

It is noted that recently a small missile ship (RTO) “Mytishchi” of project 22800 “Karakurt” from the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy was sent to the White Sea. He crossed the Neva, Lake Ladoga and the White Sea-Baltic Canal. It is noted that the crew also successfully carried out rocket firing, Izvestia reports. .