Patriarch Kirill: Orthodox conscience distinguished Russians from Western colonizers

It was the Orthodox conscience that distinguished the Russian people from the Western colonialists. Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus’ Kirill said about this after the liturgy in the Assumption Cathedral of the Kremlin, dedicated to the service in honor of the feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary into the temple, in … Read more

The Polish Ambassador to the United States called the coming winter a test of the unity of Western countries

The coming winter will be a test of Western unity against Russia, Polish Ambassador to the United States Marek Magierowski told Newsweek Dec. 1. “The upcoming winter will be very interesting in terms of our current approach and the cracks that have recently appeared among NATO and EU allies. This winter will be a litmus … Read more

Western sanctions provoked an increase in prices for sea transportation of oil from Russia

Tanker owners want to make as much profit as possible under the current conditions. Industry companies are ready to agree to the transportation of Russian raw materials for $15 million per tanker after December 5, although earlier they asked for $9 to $11.5 million. .

The Economist magazine predicted a sharp jump in oil prices due to the introduction of the Western “ceiling”

The authors of the article recalled that in response to Russia’s special operation, the West set a goal to limit the country’s income from energy supplies as much as possible. At the same time, countries wanted to avoid a surge in fuel prices in the world. However, the introduction of a price ceiling for Russian … Read more

Western culture is slowly slipping into barbarism

The Western tendency to slide into barbarism can be seen not only in the statements of politicians, but also among football fans visiting non-European countries. This point of view was expressed by the dean of the Higher School of Television of Moscow State University Vitaly Tretyakov on the air of the program “Evening with Vladimir … Read more

How the approach of winter sharpened Western rhetoric on the conflict in Ukraine

However, this answer is not specific. For example, it is not clear how long assistance can last, and where is the line that is indicated in the phrase “as long as it is required.” Moreover, his statement also does not contain clarifications about who “needs” Ukraine’s support. .

Guardian: Kyiv risks losing support due to impending problems in Western countries

According to him, a “huge humanitarian and migration crisis” is approaching Europe, which will challenge every member of the EU, RIA Novosti reports. Protests against anti-Russian sanctions are taking place in many European cities, and the pace of arms deliveries and loans to Ukraine is slowing down. At the same time, the observer emphasized that … Read more