in the West they are afraid that Russia has announced mobilization for war with NATO

However, individual users from the UK are not discouraged, urging Russia to hit the British government building at 10 Downing Street. Perhaps a nuclear strike scares them much less than the prospects associated with rising electricity and heating prices in anticipation of the approaching winter. .

plans to exclude Russia from the UN Security Council will lead to an escalation of world tension

Maaluf recalled the complexity of the procedures for restructuring an international organization. The UN Charter itself states that no country can be deprived of membership, even non-permanent, in the Security Council. Any amendment to the founding document of the UN requires the approval of all five members. The expert also listed other obstacles that the … Read more

Actress Yulia Rutberg spoke about the abolition of Russian culture in the West

Rutberg added that everything in the world is connected, and therefore it is simply impossible to get rid of Russian culture forever. This, according to the actress, is spoken by both the Russians themselves and foreigners who are familiar with Russian culture. .

expert Demidov named scenarios for Russia and the West in case of stopping oil supplies by Moscow

– For these sanctions to come into force, it is really necessary to put political pressure on many countries. Firstly, there are such strong states as China, India, which have their own political and economic interests, and that is why they are not eager to join these sanctions – to the upper limit of prices … Read more

Judoist Ruslan Gasimov said that what is happening in the sport indicates the weakness of the West

The speaker explained that what is happening will ultimately eliminate any competition, which in turn will lead to stagnation in sports progress. Qasimov points out that it is necessary to continue doing your job and not give up. In the battle and competition between countries there will be both excitement and sports interest of spectators … Read more

Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE warned the West against interfering in the situation in Ukraine

The Russian Federation is ready for any scenario and warns the West against dangerous intervention in Ukraine. This was stated on Thursday, September 22, in a statement by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich at the meeting of the Permanent Council of the organization. “We are ready for any … Read more

The cycle is maintained: Leonkov told when the entire collective West will be ready for a big war with the Russian Federation

Federal news agency Many years of experience in confronting Russia with the collective West allows us to accurately calculate when the US and the EU will be ready for a big war with the Russian Federation. The West is unlikely to be ready for a military clash with Russia immediately after the special operation in … Read more

Zakharova urged to listen less to statements about the “isolation” of the Russian delegation

According to the diplomat, today it is obvious to everyone that there is no wave of Moscow’s isolation. Representatives of the Russian delegation in New York have an extremely rich program. At the same time, the West, led by the United States, Zakharova is sure, will continue to complicate the work of the main UN … Read more

Mikhail Shakhnazarov predicted Max Barskikh to trade as a fifth point in the USA

Now the performer intends to perform on stage under the name Mick Sunday, aimed at Western listeners. According to the journalist, now Barskikh is forced to look for new countries for promotion due to the inability to get to Russia. .