Turkish president’s spokesman urges West not to “burn bridges” with Russia

The West should not “burn bridges” with Russia, because in the future there will be no one to rebuild the dialogue. This was announced on Sunday, December 4, by the representative of the President of Turkey, Ibrahim Kalyn. He believes that after the Ukrainian crisis, a new cold war began between Russia and the West. … Read more

“Anamnesis of the week”. UN investigation and energy price ceiling

The UN began to study the video of the execution of Russian prisoners of war. Creepy footage of Ukrainian nationalists from the 80th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shooting Russians lying on the ground appeared online in November. Head of the Commission for Organizing an Investigation of Events in Ukraine Eric … Read more

The analyst listed the consequences of the introduction by the West of the price “ceiling” on Russian oil

How exactly the price ceiling for black gold from the Russian Federation will work is still unknown, but ways to circumvent the bans already exist. The upcoming meeting of the OPEC+ countries will also have an impact on the energy market, RT writes with reference to the opinion of the head of the Center for … Read more

Political scientist Solonnikov doubted the readiness of the West to give Russia security guarantees

If once the Russian Federation agrees to this, talk will begin about the implementation of guarantees, he stressed. But not for today’s Russia, but for some country occupied by the West, or even several new states formed as dominions of the United States and American henchmen on the ruins of the Russian Federation. .

Lawyer Yuksha spoke about why in Russia they rarely conclude a marriage contract

Secondly, the fact is that the riches of the Western world, for the most part, were earned by their blood by robbery, the culture of weaning. He enslaved peoples, plundered, destroyed. Yuksha cites the example of the slave trade, which brought enormous income from living “goods”, a huge number of dark-skinned people died even in … Read more

“oil ceiling” may turn into a victory for the “Russian bear” over the West

Analysts, after analyzing the situation, admitted that the cost restriction could provoke a shortage of Russian fuel. And this, as experts noted, is a big problem for the West, and not for the “Russian bear”, because the energy crisis has not overtaken the Russian Federation at all. .