A native of Uzbekistan spent two weeks in sex slavery with her mother’s best friend in Moscow

The woman became a victim of the selfish goals of her mother’s best friend, who initially offered her to work as a waitress in one of the metropolitan institutions. After a positive response, the attacker locked the victim in an apartment on 1st Radiatorskaya Street, without leaving any money or documents, and forced her to … Read more

CNN faces major staff cuts in coming weeks

The predicted recession in the US promises media companies a reduction in advertising revenues, so staff optimization is expected in other major media outlets as well. But CNN has its own problems. The Daily Caller points out that CNN’s revenue this year will be less than $1 billion for the first time since 2016. As … Read more

Missing teenage girl found alive in Saratov two weeks later

pxhere.com The search for a 17-year-old resident of Saratov, whose disappearance became known almost two weeks ago, ended successfully. This was reported by representatives of the Lisa Alert squad on social networks. According to the organization, on November 11, the girl left the house in the 3rd Ovsyany proezd. She told her grandmother that she … Read more

Poll shows rise in Republican Party popularity two weeks before US congressional elections

The November 8 midterm congressional elections could determine the political future of both parties, so the battle for each constituency has intensified. At the same time, Republicans are focusing on the poor state of the economy, the migration crisis, and the foreign policy miscalculations of the Biden administration. Democrats, in turn, are betting on issues … Read more

US Democratic Party loses rating three weeks before congressional elections

Global Look Press / IMAGO/Mark Reinstein / www.imago-images.de Washington, 19 October. The Democratic Party’s ratings are falling again less than three weeks before the date of the midterm elections to the US Congress. This is reported by analysts of The Wall Street Journal. As the researchers note, some surge in the popularity of the Democrats, … Read more