Launched the first website in Russia with university rankings

For the first time in Russia, a website with ratings of domestic universities appeared. The media rating for August is already available on the site. The Ministry of Education and Science was involved in compiling the rating and launching the site. In total, the list includes 229 organizations. At the same time, the rating is … Read more

Programmer Khamitov gave some advice on computer security Information security, the safety of personal data, and protection against viruses are now receiving increased attention. IT specialist Airat Khamitov gave some simple tips on checking Internet resources for security. The security of the site that the user wants to visit must begin with an assessment of its appearance, Chelninskiye Izvestiya reports. The text … Read more

Hackers attacked a website for monitoring online voting in Moscow

Earlier it was reported that Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin took part in the municipal elections. He cast his vote using a remote electronic voting system. According to him, it made it possible for millions of residents of the capital to vote, who in the past did not participate in elections. .

Foreign journalists who got on the website “Peacemaker” met at a discussion in Moscow

A press conference was held at the International Multimedia Press Center “Russia Today” on the topic: “Information Gestapo: lists of the Ukrainian nationalist website “Peacemaker” are used to suppress freedom of speech and reprisals against journalists.” .

Vechernyaya Moskva media holding presented an updated version of its website / Freepik Company S.L. Vechernyaya Moskva media holding presented a modified version of its website. The changes affected both the full and its mobile version. The holding conducted a study related to the usability of their interface, based on which they carried out a redesign. Work was carried out with the positioning of the … Read more

The illegal and extremist activities of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker” were discussed in Moscow

A conference of the Foundation for the Fight against Repression, founded by a Russian businessman, was held in Moscow Evgeny Prigozhin. Discussion topic: “Information Gestapo: lists of the Ukrainian nationalist site “Peacemaker” are used to suppress freedom of speech and reprisals against journalists”, dedicated to the illegal activities of the nationalist resource, which is associated … Read more