The Russians called the ways of transferring money to the CIS countries against the backdrop of sanctions

The EU, as part of a new package of sanctions, may increase the list of banks disconnected from SWIFT, FederalPress reports. Thus, the European Union hopes to increase pressure on Russia. .

Expert Berezina listed five ways to spend maternity capital

In an interview with Gazeta.Ru, she recalled that the allowance for the first child from February 2023 should increase to 589.5 thousand rubles, and for the second – up to 779 thousand. Parents have the right to spend this money on buying a home, repaying a mortgage, providing education for their children, forming a funded … Read more

Lawyer Solovyov reminded Russians about ways to reduce the mortgage payment period

Solovyov recalled that in order to pay off a mortgage in the Russian Federation, maternity capital can be used, which since 2020 is issued not only for the second, but also for the first child. In addition, you can also use the tax deduction due to the purchase of housing to repay the loan. .

The neurologist called ways to reduce the risk of dementia in old age

To reduce the risk of dementia at a young age, preventive measures should be taken. Olga Penchuk, a neurologist of the highest category at the SM-Clinic, told Izvestia about methods of protection against the disease, as well as about its symptoms and risk factors. According to her, the concept of dementia is not a diagnosis. … Read more

Kommersant: Russians have fewer ways to pay abroad

The US Treasury has included the head of the National Payment Card System (NSPK) Vladimir Komlev in the SDN list. NSPK itself and the Mir payment system, which it operates as an operator, have not yet been blacklisted. At the same time, the United States expressed its readiness to impose sanctions against countries that support … Read more

Economist spoke about ways to quickly pay off credit card debt

Credit card holders who cannot repay their debts during the interest-free period or immediately after the interest accrues can be recommended to replenish the card regularly in small amounts. The smaller the debt, the smaller the amount of the mandatory payment. This and other advice about credit cards was given to readers of Izvestia on … Read more

Psychotherapist Fomin called four ways to overcome autumn depression The most effective ways to cope with autumn depression were listed by Russian psychotherapist Evgeny Fomin. First of all, the specialist advised to prolong the feeling of summer. This can be done, for example, by going to rest in a sunnier and warmer region of the country. Also in the fall it is useful … Read more

Tourism expert Melnik suggested ways to bypass EU visa restrictions

Do not forget about European countries that do not require Schengen visas to visit. We are talking about Cyprus and Bulgaria. However, in the first case, a pro-visa is required, the issuance of which has been suspended due to Ukraine. And when traveling to Bulgaria, there may be difficulties with transportation, Melnik recalled. .

Citizens warned about dangerous ways to warm up an apartment before turning on the heating Some Russians are thinking about how to independently warm up the apartment before turning on the heating. However, some methods may be too risky, security expert Sergei Pobedonostsev warned. One of these methods is heating the home with gas stoves. According to Pobedonostsev, it is better for Russians to abandon this idea. The expert … Read more