Residents of the Moscow region warned of heavy rain and wind

In the Moscow region on Monday, October 3, heavy rain and increased wind are expected. This was reported by the press service of the regional GU EMERCOM of Russia. The department noted that during the day on October 3, rain is expected in the region, sometimes heavy. In some areas, an increase in the east, … Read more

Britons warned of the risk of losing their favorite holiday meal

Bird flu has been detected by specialists in 155 different places in the UK, if the outbreak continues to spread, the supply of turkeys to the British Christmas table will be disrupted. This was announced on October 2 by the Sky News channel, citing the National Farmers Union. To date, more than 3 million birds … Read more

Residents of Sochi warned of heavy rains and a storm up to four points

In addition, weather forecasters warn: during the day from October 2 to 3, sea waves are expected to increase to four points on the territory of the resort. According to the Sochi administration, all city services have been put on high alert. On behalf of the mayor of the resort, Aleksey Kopaygorodsky, the situation is … Read more

Lawyer Utkin warned about fraud with car fines

You can recognize them, for example, by payment details that differ from the standard ones. This is easy to see when paying, besides, such “fines” will not appear either on the “State Services” or on the traffic police website, the expert explained in an interview with the Prime agency. It also happens that the photo … Read more

Doctor Pogozheva warned about the dangers of purchased pastries and sweets Purchased pastries, sweets and a number of other products pose a particular danger to human health. Alla Pogozheva, Doctor of Medical Sciences, spoke about this. The specialist drew attention to recent studies, the results of which showed that the main enemy for the cardiovascular system is not fatty meat, but pastries from the store. … Read more

Evstafiev warned about the danger of “strange wars” with Ukraine and the West

It would seem that in the eighth month of the special operation in Ukraine and the hybrid war with the entire collective West, Estonia, like Lithuania and Latvia, should long ago live in darkness, returning to the experience of distant ancestors and surviving in the light of a torch. The Baltics, as befits the “hand-me-down” … Read more

Doctor Zubareva warned about the danger of hormonal disruptions due to “jamming” of stress

A medical specialist claims that uncontrolled eating can provoke hormonal disruptions in the body. In addition, “jamming” stress contributes to the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and further aggravation of the emotional state. Drinking alcohol is a particular danger. .

Belgian authorities warned the EU about the futility of introducing a “ceiling” on gas prices

Russia has warned that it will not sell gas to those states that will impose a limit on its cost. Cooperation is possible only on market conditions. If the EU countries limit the cost of Russian gas, they will punish themselves once again. .

Muscovites warned of possible magnetic storms over the weekend

Precipitation is expected in Moscow this coming weekend in the amount of about 30% of the entire October norm, and magnetic storms are also likely, which may affect the well-being of weather-dependent people and the operation of navigation and communication systems. Evgeny Tishkovets, the leading specialist of the Phobos weather center, warned about this in … Read more