Closeness has become more open // The joint venture has updated the transparency rating of departments

The Accounts Chamber, with the participation of experts, assessed the openness of the federal authorities of the Russian Federation – out of 70 ministries, services and agencies, 15 fell into the high category of openness, 6 – into the low category, 49 departments were in the “middle” rating. The closure of part of the official … Read more

The Accounts Chamber sees no way to prevent a recession in the Russian economy this year

The Accounts Chamber is analyzing anti-crisis measures proposed by the government, said head of the department Alexei Kudrin. According to him, so far the chamber does not see among them ways that could prevent the decline of the Russian economy this year. “Checks this year, which would concern these anti-crisis measures, the analysis of this … Read more

True Detective actor Fred Ward dies at 80 American actor Fred Ward has died at the age of 79. The cause of death was not disclosed. The tragic news was reported by TMZ. Among the most famous films with the participation of Ward is “Tremors” in 1989. He was also involved in the filming of such series as True Detective, Grey’s Anatomy, … Read more

Accounts Chamber: revenues to regional budgets may decrease by 5-8% due to sanctions

Anti-Russian sanctions will affect the stability of the budgets of the regions of the Russian Federation, according to the Accounts Chamber. According to the auditor, the revenues of the consolidated regional budgets by the end of 2022 may decrease by 5-8%, Vedomosti reports. The auditor Natalia Trunova gave the appropriate assessment. She noted that the … Read more

Non-mobilization order // Mikhail Mishustin gave the parliament a report on the past year and the current strategy

Although the government’s annual report to the lower house of parliament focused on the results of 2021, the last year amid the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin’s report was largely devoted to the White House’s strategy in the context of the sanctions campaign. The main thesis, which was not stated directly, but followed from … Read more

The Accounts Chamber proposed not to build a section of the road to the Vostochny port in Primorye due to the high cost

The Accounts Chamber (AC), based on the results of an inspection of the construction of the Vladivostok-Nakhodka-Vostochny port, considers it inappropriate to build its second section 104 km long (from 43 to 146 km) due to the high cost of the project – 309 billion rubles. Instead, it is proposed to reconstruct the existing highway … Read more

Retroactive preferences // The Accounts Chamber again doubts the effectiveness of special economic regimes

Preferential regimes for business – special economic zones (SEZ) and priority development areas (TOR) – have little effect on the development of the regions that created them, the Accounts Chamber believes. According to state auditors, although these regimes added 0.9% to the real GRP of the subjects, at the same time, the volume of investments … Read more

Ward Tutberidze Alena Kostornaya broke her arm

Moscow, 16 February. Russian figure skater Alena Kostornaya, who trains with Eteri Tutberidze at the Sambo-70 center in the capital, told fans on Instagram that she had broken her arm again. Kostornaya recorded a video in which she answered questions from subscribers. In December 2021, the skater missed the Russian championship due to a similar … Read more