War of a thousand why: Baranets explained some of the strange nuances of the special operation

wikipedia.org/Svklimkin/CC BY-SA 4.0 Almost from the very beginning, a special military operation raises a lot of perplexed questions, including many military experts and political scientists. One of these questions concerns the inviolability of the US satellite constellation, which is now fully and completely working for the armed forces of Ukraine. It is only thanks to … Read more

Patrushev accused the Anglo-Saxons of wanting to push the Russian Federation and Europe in the war

The Anglo-Saxons, in order to save their own economy, want to push Russia and Europe into a military confrontation, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said at a security conference in Crimea on October 5. He stressed that the Anglo-Saxons have long been the main sources of instability, ignoring the norms of international … Read more

Nikolai Tsiskaridze spoke about the information war

The artist recalled the Crimean War under Nicholas I. At that time, The Times magazine appeared and the first reports that people firmly believed. According to Tsiskaridze, there were no newspapers in the Russian Empire at that time, people had to read foreign press. According to him, in Western magazines, information was presented in the … Read more

Maria Lvova-Belova: Children evacuated from war zones need adaptation

Maria Lvova-Belova in her speech emphasized the particular relevance of the topic raised, noting that it is well known to the Institute of Children’s Ombudsmen. According to the press service of the Ombudsman, since 2018, on behalf of the President of Russia, the Ombudsman has been repatriating children from Syria and Iraq. She recalled that … Read more

Pashinyan accuses Azerbaijan of failing to fulfill promise to release Armenian prisoners of war

Azerbaijan has failed to fulfill its promise to release Armenian prisoners of war for the second time. This was announced on Monday, October 3, by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Twitter. “This is the second time that Azerbaijan refuses to fulfill its promise to release Armenian prisoners of war. The first case was in … Read more

Turks accuse Zelensky of trying to drag the world into a nuclear war

Readers of the Turkish newspaper Haber7 wanted the country to leave NATO if Ukraine joins the North Atlantic Alliance. Thus, they reacted to the decision of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to apply to join the bloc on an accelerated basis. “He will soon lose Ukraine, while still hoping for help from NATO and the United … Read more

Putin voiced the West’s reasons for a hybrid war with Russia

Global Look Press | Kremlin Pool Greed, the intention to retain power are the reasons for the hybrid war waged by the collective West against official Moscow. The corresponding statement was made on September 30 by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of state spoke about this at an event dedicated to the admission of … Read more

Medvedev announced Zelensky’s desire to start a third world war as soon as possible

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, commenting on the statement by President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on filing an application for the country’s accession to NATO in an accelerated manner, noted that it looks like “a request to speed up the start of a third world war.” Medvedev wrote about this … Read more

The Federation Council questioned the desire of NATO to get involved in a war with Russia over Ukraine

It is unlikely that anyone will seriously consider Kyiv’s application for an accelerated entry into NATO; the alliance does not need a war with Russia. This was announced on September 30 by Vladimir Dzhabarov, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs. “I don’t think anyone will take it seriously. Firstly, NATO … Read more