Ukraine asked the US for additional gas volumes for the winter

Naftogaz Ukrainy sent a request to the United States with a request to provide additional volumes of gas for the winter. This was announced on November 29 in his Facebook (owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation), the head of the company, Alexei Chernyshov. Speaking about the meeting … Read more

Vladimir Efimov: Volumes of individual housing construction in Moscow increased by more than a third

He said: “In January-September, 711.2 thousand square meters of housing were built in Moscow, which is 36.5 percent more than the volume of individual housing construction in the same period last year. In residential development, the share of individual housing construction was 15 percent and increased by 4 .8 percentage points”. Individual housing construction in … Read more

India buys record volumes of Russian oil instead of imposing an embargo

The official stressed that many major players were previously excluded from the embargo on Russian oil. Thus, the restrictions should not affect China, Japan, Hungary and a number of other countries. In his opinion, this makes such measures meaningless. .

Peskov announced Russia’s intention to compensate for the falling grain volumes on the world market

Russia intends to compensate needy countries for the volumes of grain that fall out due to Moscow’s decision to withdraw from the food deal, Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, assured. At the same time, he acknowledged that the implementation of such supplies is a complex issue. .

Moldova wants to return the previous volumes of Russian gas supplies after a decline in October

According to him, it is also important for Chisinau not only to pay for gas on time, but also to agree on a delay in resolving the issue of the historical debt that Moldova has accumulated. .

Guild of Bakers of Russia expects lower volumes of bread production

The Russian Guild of Bakers and Confectioners (RosPiK) indicated that sales last year were 857.1 billion rubles, but in the next two years they could be at the level of 920 and 980 billion rubles, respectively. At the same time, RosPiK President Yuri Katsnelson clarified that the statistics that Rosstat relies on do not take … Read more

Algeria will not be able to provide Italy with additional volumes of gas

According to Algerie Part, Sonatrach is having trouble getting the required production capacity up and running. In this regard, it will be able to transfer Italy only 3.5 billion out of 9 billion cubic meters of gas. Eni said it was unaware of any difficulties on the part of Algeria regarding the current and continued … Read more