The volume of Gazprom’s deliveries to non-CIS countries decreased by 40.4%

In September, the company supplied 86.9 billion cubic meters of fuel. This figure is 58.9 billion less than the same period last year. Last year, Gazprom increased exports to non-CIS countries by 5.8 billion cubic meters to 185.1 billion cubic meters. .

The second volume of the encyclopedia with the names of agricultural workers will be created in Chuvashia in the Year of outstanding countrymen

At the moment, the authorities are collecting and analyzing materials about farmers offered by local areas. For convenience, a special provision was created that regulates the order of getting on the pages of the publication. Thus, the administrations of the Morgaush and Yalchik districts sent more than 200 candidates to the encyclopedia commission, and the … Read more

Manturov predicted the volume of parallel imports in 2022 at the level of $20 billion

The parallel import mechanism started working on May 17th. Last month, goods worth $3.1 billion were imported into the country. As a result, the forecast has been adjusted. In early September, the Deputy Prime Minister confirmed that the mechanism had been extended for the entire next year. .

The command of the Ukrainian Air Force is dissatisfied with the volume of deliveries of American NASAMS air defense systems

Earlier it became known that Kyiv will receive these air defense systems from Washington as part of military assistance. They will help strengthen the defense of the country’s air defense, but it will not work to completely secure the territory. .

The volume of the debut issue of Rosneft bonds in yuan was announced

Rosneft’s debut bond issue in Chinese currency, placed by an offer for two years at a rate of 3.05% per annum, amounted to 15 billion yuan. This was reported by the press service of Gazprombank, which acted as one of the organizers of the transaction. The terms of the issue provide for settlements in yuan … Read more

The United States increased the volume of military aid supplies to Ukraine by sea

Journalists reported that this method of transportation allows delivering much larger volumes of military aid to Ukraine. At the same time, WP expressed confidence that the expansion of maritime arms supplies indicates that the United States is expecting a protracted crisis in Ukraine. Washington may be preparing for the fact that the conflict will not … Read more

Achievements of the people’s Abkhazia // Where the citizens of the Russian Federation spent their summer

The summer season turned out to be better for the tourist market than its participants expected. Due to the recovery in demand and rising prices, the volume of bookings in physical and monetary terms increased compared to the previous year. Abkhazia has become the most growing destination for summer travel this year, partially replacing Crimean … Read more