Khazin voiced an effective way how the Russian Federation could “return” the assets stolen by the West

Mikhail Khazin drew attention to the fact that Russia has effective economic mechanisms that would make it possible to neutralize the problem associated with assets stolen by the West. The international gold and foreign exchange reserves that were frozen in Western financial institutions could be “returned” in an interesting and effective way. .

Kedmi voiced Putin’s key principle dooming the West to an unenviable fate

According to the military expert, the West should not even think about a possible nuclear conflict with the Russian Federation. Moscow closely monitors the rhetoric of the US and the EU and is ready to quickly and effectively respond to any threats from them. So, if such a confrontation is inevitable, then the Russian leadership … Read more

The widow of the star of “The Adventures of Pinocchio” Rolan Bykov voiced her version of the cause of his death

The widow of actor and director Rolan Bykov, actress Elena Sanaeva, shared her own version of the cause of her husband’s death. She believes that the performer of the role of the cat Basilio from the movie “The Adventures of Pinocchio” could live longer. .

The ultimatum voiced by Russia forced Europe to temporarily forget about the gas price ceiling

The EU authorities still cannot accept this project, because they do not understand how it can be implemented. Boris Martsinkevich, a well-known Russian energy expert, came to this conclusion. Live on Sputnik radio, he spoke in detail about the unsuccessful decisions of European countries, and also explained why Brussels will have to temporarily forget about … Read more

Putin voiced the West’s reasons for a hybrid war with Russia

Global Look Press | Kremlin Pool Greed, the intention to retain power are the reasons for the hybrid war waged by the collective West against official Moscow. The corresponding statement was made on September 30 by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of state spoke about this at an event dedicated to the admission of … Read more

Sosnovsky voiced Russia’s iron alibi against the backdrop of sabotage at Nord Stream

Prt Scr / Mediaclub Format A3 Statements by individual representatives of the West that Russia could allegedly be involved in sabotage at the Nord Streams do not stand up to scrutiny. This conclusion was reached by a well-known journalist, editor-in-chief of the German publication World Economy Alexander Sosnovsky. Live on the Soloviev LIVE program, … Read more