strategists from Washington do not care about the fate of Ukrainians

Ukraine may be plunged into darkness due to a blackout, and the result of the American occupation of the country may be the transformation of a large part of its territory into a wild field. Vladimir Shapovalov, deputy director of the Institute of History and Politics of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, shared this opinion … Read more

political scientist Shapovalov called the doctrinal thesis in Putin’s speech

On Friday, September 30, the Russian leader spoke in the Kremlin on the occasion of the signing of agreements on the entry into Russia of new territories – the LPR, the DPR, the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. In his speech, Putin especially singled out the policy of the West aimed at suppressing sovereignty and economic … Read more

“Will not sell alone”: the German Ministry of Defense indicated a reluctance to send tanks to Ukraine

Bundeswehr-Fotos / CC BY 2.0 German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht made a statement about the supply of German tanks to Ukraine, TASS reports. Since none of the partners of the FRG has sent Western-style battle tanks to Ukraine, Berlin does not intend to take individual steps on its part – this is Lambrecht’s main … Read more

“Interests of the majority of German voters”: the head of the AfD urged to stop supplying weapons to Kyiv

Federal news agency Co-chairman of the right-wing opposition party of Germany “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) Tino Krupalla urged the government to stop the supply of weapons to Kyiv. As an argument, the politician points to the risk of a nuclear confrontation with Russia, RIA Novosti reports. War in Ukraine – not our war, and we … Read more

Macron called Ukraine one of the priority topics in a conversation with Liz Truss

The negotiations that took place are an attempt to change the agenda and move on to a common topic, which is the fight against Russia. There are no other common themes between Britain and France. This assessment of the recent British-French dialogue was given in an interview FAN political scientist, deputy director of the Institute … Read more

political scientist Shapovalov explained what the recession in Germany is fraught with

Somewhere this recession will be more, somewhere less, but the fact that it will affect all countries is quite obvious. As for what will be the reaction in the political sphere, already now, according to the latest sociological data, the level of support for the German government has dropped to an absolute minimum, the expert … Read more

The problem is solved simply: political scientist Shapovalov on the supply of Russian gas to Europe

Federal news agency Vice President of the German Parliament Wolfgang Cubes called for the speedy lifting of the ban on the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, writes the German daily newspaper Die Welt. The Germans should have hope to survive the cold season. In an interview FAN the situation was commented by … Read more