Zakharova announced the inability of Switzerland to neutrality after the refusal of a visa to Karpov

Switzerland is unable to pursue a policy of neutrality after refusing to issue a visa to chess player Anatoly Karpov. This was announced on September 28 by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. Earlier, Switzerland had not issued an entry visa to Karpov to participate in the demonstration of the film … Read more

Taiwan Suspends Visa Waiver Program for Russian Citizens

Taiwan has not extended the visa-free pilot program for Russians. This was reported on September 16 by the Taiwan Central News Agency with reference to the island’s Foreign Ministry. Russia has become part of a Taiwanese foreign ministry pilot program that has granted visa-free entry to citizens from four countries, including Thailand, Brunei and the … Read more

Finnish Foreign Ministry questioned the legality of Estonian visa policy towards Russians

Finnish diplomats admitted that the decision of the Estonian authorities may run counter to the rules of the Schengen area and the legal norms of the European Union. At the same time, the Foreign Ministry said that Helsinki cannot afford to close entry for Russians solely because of their passport. .

The cost of obtaining a visa to Switzerland for Russians increased to 80 euros Switzerland canceled the simplified visa regime with Russia ahead of schedule. Lucas Rieder, spokesman for the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration, explained how Russian citizens can now obtain documents to visit the country. The cost of the visa fee has increased from 35 to 80 euros. The term for consideration of documents has also … Read more

Switzerland suspends visa facilitation agreement with Russia

The statement, which was published on the government’s website, notes that the decision was made on Friday, September 16. From now on, the authorities of the republic will apply the usual visa procedures for Russians. The decision was made to maintain a unified European visa policy. Earlier, EU representatives decided to suspend the visa facilitation … Read more

Washington did not issue visas to the majority of Russian delegates to the UN General Assembly

Most of the Russian delegation has not yet received American visas for participation in the high-level week of the UN General Assembly session. Moscow expects the speedy issuance of documents. Vasily Nebenzya, permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the organization, shared this information with media representatives. .