Immunologist Zhemchugov assessed the danger of the Khosta-2 virus Immunologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences Vladislav Zhemchugov assessed the danger of the Khosta-2 virus. So far, he’s harmless. However, the virus will become dangerous as soon as it can be transmitted from person to person. Much depends on the ability to mutate, said the interlocutor of RIA Novosti. “Therefore, what will happen to the … Read more

UK declares emergency over polio virus in London sewage

UK health officials have declared a nationwide state of emergency over the presence of polio at a London wastewater treatment plant. This was reported on June 22 by The Guardian. The UK Health Safety Agency notes that samples from the Beckton sewage treatment plant in Newham tested positive for vaccine-derived poliovirus in February. Since then, … Read more

American immunologists approached the creation of a vaccine against the rabies virus

For the first time, scientists have been able to image a glycoprotein protein that plays a key role in the pathogenesis of rabies. Research on this topic was conducted by specialists from the Institute of Immunology of La Jolla and the Pasteur Institute, reports Science Advances. .

‘Corona hospital not an option when the virus flares up’

There will be no special corona hospital when the virus flares up again. However, more central management is needed, ‘one boss who says what needs to be done’, the expert team for COVID care in hospitals advises the cabinet in a report that was sent to the House of Representatives on Friday afternoon. “Just adding … Read more