Cashier will be a pass behind the counter // Government tightens fiscal control over markets

A bill on toughening the rules for the use of cash registers (KKT) to whitewash trade in markets and fairs was submitted by the government to the State Duma. The innovations concern sellers – for them the list of grounds for exemption from the use of online cash registers has been reduced, as well as … Read more

State policy is lured into the Accounts Chamber // to check its adequacy to strategic goals

The set of control tools of the Accounts Chamber (JV) can be expanded – a bill on this has been submitted to the State Duma. The document should consolidate the authority of the joint venture on a comprehensive strategic audit and introduce a new mechanism into practice – an audit of the compliance of the … Read more

Evaluated footage // The number of copyright claims in photographs has skyrocketed in Russia

The number of legal disputes over copyright in a photo in Russia will grow by 40% this year, analysts have calculated. The plaintiffs are the photographers themselves, as well as the owners of photo bases, for example, the media, in general now they are demanding more than 100 million rubles. They are forced to go … Read more

Samsung Calls Back on Patent // Korean Manufacturer Fights Attacks on Its Payment Service

Samsung applied to Rospatent with a request to revoke the patent of the Swiss Sqwin SA for the electronic payment system due to violations during its registration in Russia in 2019 and the lack of novelty. Sqwin SA through the court demands to prohibit the operation of the Samsung Pay payment service in Russia. The … Read more

The prosecutor’s office found violations of safety standards at six mines in Kuzbass

The prosecutor’s office of the Kemerovo region (Kuzbass) found violations in six organizations during an explosion hazard inspection of all mining enterprises in the region. The inspection is carried out on behalf of the Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov after the accident at the Listvyazhnaya mine, where 52 people died. failure to provide them with personal … Read more