Memorial was fined 3 million rubles for violating the law on foreign agents

Since its inclusion in the list of foreign agents, Memorial has been fined almost 3 million rubles for the lack of marking of the foreign agent. This was announced on Thursday, November 25, by the Izvestia correspondent from the courtroom. “From the moment Memorial was included in the list of persons performing the functions of … Read more

Roskomnadzor gave the command to land // A list of foreign IT companies that are obliged to open representative offices in the Russian Federation

Roskomnadzor has identified a list of companies that will fall under the new law “on landing”, that is, they will have to open a representative office in Russia, install an attendance counter and delete information that “violates Russian law.” The list, as expected, included Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, but, for example, Netflix was not there. … Read more

WADA accused the anti-doping agency of Ukraine of violating the code

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has accused the National Anti-Doping Agency of Ukraine (NADC) of violating the International Standards for Testing and Research (ISTI). This was announced on October 26 by the WADA press service. An investigation by the organization known as Operation Hercules began in 2019 and revealed evidence that since 2012, the NADC … Read more

Russia ranked fourth for deleted videos on TikTok for violating social media rules

TikTok deleted almost 4.8 million videos in Russia from April to June 2021 for violating social media rules. This is 27% more than in the first quarter. Russia ranked fourth in this indicator. The USA became the leader. Leaders in the number of deleted videos: USA – 11.4 million; Pakistan – 9.9 million; Brazil – … Read more

CNN accused of violating the principles of journalism after interview with Lukashenka

The journalist of the American television company CNN Matthew Chance, in a conversation with the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, set himself the task of not giving the audience answers to questions, but exclusively to carry out self-promotion. This opinion was expressed in the BelTA agency after CNN published a fragment of an interview. The … Read more