Viktor Saltykov shared his feelings about the future of his children

Global Look Press/Anatoly Lomohov Viktor Saltykov has already built a happy family and achieved success in his career, but even he is haunted by worries about the future. Mostly they concern his children. Heirs want to see happy and healthy, successful in their profession, he admitted. Among the cherished desires of Victor is also the … Read more

Viktor Orban: Ukraine may lose half of its territory

Ukraine may lose a significant part of its land. This opinion was expressed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. “The conflict in Ukraine threatens to drag on until 2030, and Kyiv may end up losing a third or half of its territory,” he said at a closed meeting of the Fidesz-Hungarian Civil Union party. At … Read more

Viktor Bout’s lawyer found it possible to exchange his client

Russian citizen Viktor Bout, who is being held in an American prison, can return home as part of a prisoner exchange between Russia and the United States. This was announced on Wednesday, September 14, by Bout’s lawyer Steve Zissu. In a conversation with TASS, the lawyer confirmed that his client could be included in the … Read more

Skopinsky maniac Viktor Mokhov appealed the transfer to a pre-trial detention center

Skopinsky maniac Viktor Mokhov, who was suspected of covering up the murder, filed a complaint with the court against being transferred to a pre-trial detention center. Such data appeared in the file of the court. .

The daughter of director Viktor Merezhko was outraged by the attitude of his friends towards his father

The girl admitted that she was shocked by how quickly yesterday’s friends abandoned their father. At the farewell ceremony with the director, almost no one came, except for the actress Lyudmila Zaitseva. Nikas Safronov carried a portrait of Viktor in front of the cameras. Also present on official duty was Deputy Yevgeny Gerasimov and a … Read more

Viktor Rybin revealed the secret of marriage for life

Komsomolskaya Pravda/Global Look Press Viktor Rybin has been happily married to Natalya Senchukova for over 30 years. The singer is sure that true love connects him with his wife, which happens only once in a lifetime. To live a long time, you need to prove your feelings to each other by actions, the artist believes. … Read more