The victory of the right in Italy will be a test for Europe

The speech of the leader of the Brothers of Italy party, which won the parliamentary elections, Giorgi Meloni sounded like a compromise. But one of the key reasons for the victory was the politician’s radical positions, including “anti-immigration” and “Euroscepticism,” the author noted. .

George Meloni congratulated her supporters on their victory in the Italian elections

According to analysts, the centre-right bloc, which is headed by Meloni, is gaining a majority of seats in both houses of parliament. Thus, the leader of the Brothers of Italy – as the most popular party in the bloc – is close to becoming Italy’s first female prime minister. .

Patriarch Kirill uttered a special prayer asking for the victory of Holy Russia

Global Look Press | Komsomolskaya Pravda Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill said a special prayer during the Sunday service, media reported. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church during a prayer asked for the victory of Holy Russia and God’s help to her people. The divine service took place in the church of … Read more

Bulgarian politician predicted Russia’s victory in the conflict in Ukraine

Europe has lost the most in the conflict in Ukraine. The Europeans do not understand how to build bridges between the opposing sides, Nikolai Malinov, chairman of the Russophiles for the Revival of the Fatherland, said on the air of Bulgaria on Air. According to him, reason should prevail in approaches to the Ukrainian topic. … Read more

Republican victory in US elections could weaken support for Ukraine

According to Murphy, some members of the American elite oppose support for Kyiv. However, the current US government intends to help Ukraine. The senator believes that the lack of American assistance will be a disaster for Kyiv and will cast doubt on the ability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to continue the fight. .

Kankerly predicted Vagabov victory by knockout in a fight with Nicholson

The champion of Russia in army hand-to-hand combat Eldar Kenkerli on Monday, September 19, said that MMA fighter Vagab Vagabov would knock out American Alex Nicholson in the upcoming fight. The fight will take place at the end of September in Moscow as part of the REN TV Fight Club super series. “Vagab is currently … Read more