Gas explosion victims in Nizhnevartovsk to be paid 100,000 rubles each

The tragedy, which claimed the lives of six people, occurred the day before in house number 6-A on Mira Street. There was an explosion. The cause of the emergency was a burst of gas. As a result of the incident, the second and third floors of the building partially collapsed. In addition to the dead, … Read more

Doctors from Khanty-Mansiysk flew to Nizhnevartovsk to help victims of a gas explosion

Dobrovolsky stressed that he was flying to Nizhnevartovsk together with Denis Nikitin, the chief freelance anesthesiologist of the regional depzdrav. In addition to the anesthesiologist, the team of doctors also included a traumatologist, a neurosurgeon, a surgeon and other specialists. .

Iranian authorities have announced the official number of victims of the riots

Since September, the death toll has exceeded 200, according to the ministry. This includes protesters, armed separatists, law enforcement officials, and victims of terrorist attacks and attacks organized by authorities, according to foreign groups, who tried to pass it off as the result of security forces. .

The bus driver called the cause of the accident with 13 victims on Lublinskaya street in Moscow

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The number of victims in an accident with a bus in Saratov increased to 11

Oleg Kostin, Minister of Health of the Saratov Region, announced this on his Telegram channel. Previously, there was information about ten victims. Recall that on Saturday, bus number 11 with passengers was moving along Bolshaya Gornaya Street. The driver hit a pole. As a result of the accident, ten people were injured, and one more … Read more

Two children and one adult died in a fire in a private house near Krasnoyarsk

A private house burned down in the Rybinsk district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The bodies of three people were found at the scene of the fire, two of whom were children, the press center of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported. .