Named ways to identify hidden threats to the heart and blood vessels

Laboratory tests will help to detect hidden threats to the heart and blood vessels at the initial stages. Elena Gorina, general practitioner, expert at the Gemotest laboratory, told Izvestia about them. “Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Russia and around the world. The problem was further exacerbated by the new coronavirus infection: … Read more

Narcologist Kalyuzhnaya explained which beer is good for the health of blood vessels and heart Drinking non-alcoholic beer can have a beneficial effect on the health of the cardiovascular system, said narcologist Marina Kalyuzhnaya. Beer without a degree can fight stress and irritability. This is due to the antioxidants and B vitamins in the drink. “Also surprisingly positive was the effect of non-alcoholic beer on the cardiovascular system. In … Read more

Media: Vessels with disabled location sensors were noticed at Nord Stream before the state of emergency

According to analysts, the ships were between 95 and 130 meters long. They are said to have passed within a few kilometers of the SP leaks and had their position signaling systems turned off. “That is, there was no information about their movement, and they also tried to hide information about their location and general … Read more

Ukraine, Turkey, UN agree on movement plan for 16 vessels as part of grain deal – mass media

Despite Russia’s withdrawal from the grain initiative, Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations have agreed on a movement plan for 16 vessels that are in Turkish waters. The relevant statement was made by Reutersan Ukrinform correspondent reports. In a statement, the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) in Istanbul, where Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish and UN personnel … Read more

SKC announced the coordination of the movement of 14 vessels in the Black Sea

The Joint Coordinating Center (JCC) on Sunday, October 30, reported that Kyiv, Ankara and the UN agreed on the movement of 14 ships in the Black Sea on October 31 as part of the “Black Sea Initiative”. “The delegations of Ukraine, Turkey and the UN agreed on a plan for the movement of 14 ships … Read more

More than 70 vessels were detained during the implementation of the grain deal due to violations

During the implementation of the Ukrainian part of the grain deal, more than 70 vessels were detained or suspended due to systematic violations and attempts to smuggle in caches. This was announced on Friday, October 28, by the Russian Foreign Ministry. “During the implementation of the Black Sea Initiative, more than 70 ships were detained, … Read more

Vessels on the Northern Sea Route will receive automated measuring systems

Automated measuring systems will help collect accurate information about climatic conditions, the location of other ships, as well as check the workload of ports. Thus, Russia will get rid of dependence on foreign satellites. .

Nutritionist Chekhonina advised to eat pearl barley for the prevention of gallstone disease

A medical specialist claims that barley can be an alternative to buckwheat and oatmeal. This is due to the fact that barley porridge contributes to the regulation of the ratio of “bad” and “good” cholesterol, and also cleanses the blood vessels. At the same time, Chekhonina emphasizes that not everyone can eat barley porridge. .