Savicheva confessed her love to fashion designer Vasilyev who criticized her outfits

The TV presenter in his program “Fashionable Sentence” often spoke about Savicheva’s outfits. According to him, the images of the singer are a great example of bad taste. Julia ignored the fashion designer’s attacks for a long time, but her patience came to an end. .

Analyst Vasilyev reported on the continued decline in the role of the dollar and the euro in the coming months

MOSCOW, July 31 — The importance of the dollar and other currencies of unfriendly countries in the first half of the year sank significantly, and this is not the limit – its role will continue to decline until the end of the year after the freezing of Russian gold reserves and the introduction of draconian … Read more

Vasilyev spoke about the deceit of the heroines of the Fashion Sentence program

Viewers often see how the heroines of the program smile joyfully, looking at themselves in a new way. However, in reality, according to Vasiliev, they are prevaricating and even deceiving the public. As soon as the cameras turn off, women become themselves. .

The host of the show “Fashionable Sentence” Vasilyev denied rumors about emigration from Russia

globallookpress/ Anatoly Lomokhov Fashion historian and TV presenter Alexander Vasilyev commented on the rumors about his emigration from Russia. When it became known that the Fashion Sentence program, hosted by Vasiliev, temporarily disappeared from the air network of Channel One, there was talk that the fashion historian had left the country. In an interview with … Read more

Leading “Fashionable Sentence” Alexander Vasilyev told what to wear in the new season

At the same time, for fashionistas who are not ready to sacrifice femininity, Vasilyev recommended turning their attention to wide skirts and retro dresses based on the comfortable traditions of the past. You can complement the image with shoes with a heavy, slightly flared heel to the bottom, which will suit ladies of different ages.

Alexander Vasilyev: Tkachev, detained by the SBU, is absolutely clean before Ukrainian laws

Viacheslav Onyshchenko/Keystone Press Agency On the morning of March 19, Odessa journalist Yuri Tkachev announced his own detention on his Telegram channel: “They came for me, it was nice to talk.” According to human rights activist Oksana Chelysheva, after being interrogated by the SBU, a lawyer was allowed to see him. At the moment, Yuri … Read more

TV presenter Alexander Vasilyev will open the “Museum of resort fashion” near Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad, 29 January. Fashion historian and Channel One host Alexander Vasiliev announced the opening of Russia’s first Resort Fashion Museum in the seaside town of Zelenogradsk. He spoke about this on his Instagram. “The building that will house this unique museum was built in the late 1960s as a cinema. Later, it housed a volleyball … Read more