Russia ranked third in the use of the yuan in international payments

In July, Russia rose from seventh to third place in the list of countries in the world in terms of using the yuan for international payments. Statistics (.pdf) are published monthly by the interbank payment system SWIFT. Last month, Russia accounted for 3.9% of transactions in yuan. The first place was taken by the UK … Read more

The Japanese were asked to find ways to convince young people to drink more alcohol

The Japanese authorities have announced a nationwide competition for the best idea on how to revive the popularity of alcoholic beverages among young people. The government of the country expects that drinking more alcohol will help support the Japanese economy through additional taxes in the budget. According to the Japan Tax Administration, the country’s annual … Read more

State cloud is increasing its client base // The terms and composition of the participants in the experiment with a single cloud platform are expanding

The Ministry of Digital Development proposes to extend until the end of 2024 the experiment on the transfer of information systems of federal executive authorities to the state cloud, allowing regional authorities to participate in the pilot. In the apparatus of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, the initiative is explained by the need to consolidate … Read more

Social order expands its path // The Ministry of Finance summed up the results of a profile pilot

As follows from the speech of Deputy Minister of Finance Alexei Lavrov at the relevant All-Russian seminar-conference in Ufa, the department is satisfied with the practice of using social certificates in the Russian Federation to pay for services in this area and is ready to expand the scope of social contracting. To do this, the … Read more

The Internet is considered by age // Monitoring IT

The growth in Internet use associated with the pandemic has not improved the digital skills of Russians, the gap in the level of competencies between the most adapted to the Internet youth and older citizens has only grown, experts from the HSE Institute for Statistical Research and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK) conclude. At the same … Read more

The well-being figure // Experts compared the online skills of Russians and residents of OECD countries

The conditions created in the Russian Federation for enjoying the benefits of digitalization are generally comparable to those in the OECD countries, there is a lag in a number of parameters, but it is insignificant. Experts from the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK) came to this conclusion after comparing Russian … Read more

Video patriotism // Officials are switching to Russian means of conferencing

Officials began to fulfill the government’s order to stop using foreign services Zoom, Webex, WhatsApp in official communications. The Ministry of Economy, in particular, recommended that employees switch to the corporate messenger from VK and TrueConf. Such initiatives could boost demand for Russian video conferencing services, their developers say, but the list of recommended products … Read more

Ecological investments calculated in order // Monitoring of “green” transformation

The scale of the use of digital technologies by industrial enterprises in Russia to improve environmental and resource efficiency remained relatively small in 2019–2021, although certain areas of “green” development showed a noticeable increase during this time, according to a review by the Center for Market Research of the Institute for Statistical Research and Economics … Read more