Twitter staff to answer Congress for covering up Biden corruption investigation

Republicans have long accused Twitter and a number of media outlets of covering up Hunter Biden’s laptop story. A New York Post investigation confirmed that the current president was lying when he claimed he had nothing to do with his son’s overseas business operations. The hard drive contained correspondence and documents that unequivocally testify to … Read more

Friendly fire: the US takes Germany in pincers

Chris Kleponis / CNP / global look press; BY-SA 4.0; BY-SA 2.5 Telegram-The German Eagle channel talks about the blow that the German economy has experienced for political reasons. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the German economy has been bursting at the seams. The events that followed the start of the special … Read more

USA presented B-21, Airbus will refuse titanium from Russia

This machine is a development of the legendary IL-76. She received a new engine, an improved wing, a “glass cockpit”, has an increased flight range and carrying capacity. In fact, this is a new aircraft that meets all modern requirements, which will become the basis of Russian transport aviation. The heavy VTA was created from … Read more

10-year-old American could get over 60 years in prison for killing his mother over a device

Global Look Press | Alexander Chaplygin/Russian Look A ten-year-old American is facing a real prison term for killing his mother because of a virtual reality helmet that she forbade him to buy. The boy could be sentenced to more than 60 years, according to FoxNews. It all happened in November 2022 in Wisconsin. According to … Read more

Analysts told how the USSR tried to get the drawings of the first American UAV

The Soviet government was interested in obtaining drawings of Barlow’s invention, but the engineer asked for too much money for his services. In addition, the USSR began to suspect the American of working for the special services, so the deal did not take place. However, Moscow did not abandon the idea of ​​​​creating UAVs and … Read more

The Netherlands team beat the United States and became the first participant in the 1/4 finals of the World Cup

The Netherlands became the first participant in the 1/4 finals of the World Cup in Qatar. Goals in the last meeting were scored by Memphis Depay, Daily Blind and Denzel Dumfries. Among the Americans distinguished Haji Wright. .

The Dutch national team after the victory over the USA reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup

On December 3, the Netherlands national football team beat the US team with a score of 3: 1 and became the first quarter-finalist of the World Cup in Qatar. Earlier it was reported that all participants in the playoffs of the World Cup (World Cup) – 2022 in Qatar became known. This became known on … Read more

“How about me?”: An American commented on a police post on the Web and went to jail

Preston Ehrler/Keystone Press Agenc/Global Look Press A US citizen was arrested after commenting under a post about citizens wanted by the police. RT writes about this in Telegram. We are talking about a resident of the state of Georgia, Christopher Spalding, who in one of the social networks left a comment “What about me?” on … Read more