Ex-participant of the “Ural dumplings” Netievsky called the main problem of the show

TASS | Novoderezhkin Anton Former member of the humorous program “Ural dumplings” Sergey Netievsky called the main problem of the comedy project – the lack of a producer. According to Netievsky, the actors do not have the right direction for development that a producer could give. He is sure that comedians are still traveling on … Read more

Yulia Mikhalkova showed a photo in bed after pregnancy rumors

The star of “Ural dumplings” herself does not comment on these rumors. But recently she posted a photo on social networks, in which she poses in bed in home clothes. At the same time, the inscription “Angels on the Roof” is laid out in front of the actress. With a picture in bed, Mikhalkova advertised … Read more

The joke about Vladimir Solovyov was cut out of the issue “Meeting of KVN graduates”

An anecdote about the TV presenter was shown by the Snezhnegorsk Team. According to the plot, the actor Andrey Rozhkov, in his usual image of a grandmother from the Ural dumplings, sends a famous TV presenter “hello from the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg”, while showing an indecent gesture with his middle finger. .

The star of the “Ural dumplings” Myasnikov always dreamed of connecting his life with the traffic police

In addition, the artist even entered the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, where there was a group of traffic police. However, his dreams were not destined to come true, and due to his health he did not pass the traffic police. .

Showman Roman Postovalov spoke about the problematic concert of “Ural dumplings” in Tallinn

prt scr youtube.com Ural Pelmeni The actor of the show “Ural dumplings” Roman Postovalov spoke about the concert of a humorous group in the city of Tallinn, which almost turned into a complete failure. According to the humorist, the artists flew to the Estonian capital by transfer, and the tour costumes and props remained in … Read more