In the United States, they announced the impossibility of endless financing of Kyiv without understanding Biden’s strategy

According to him, the owner of the White House continues to allocate billions of dollars to Kyiv, but at the same time he has no strategy on how to prevent a confrontation with Russia. Stewart stressed that the time has come to answer some of the most important questions regarding the growing amount of assistance … Read more

Expert Bredikhin noted the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on the political agenda inside the United States

The continuation of the Ukrainian crisis strengthens the position of the Republican Party in the United States. Political scientist, candidate of historical sciences Anton Bredikhin shared this opinion in an interview with the FAN. .

State Corporation Saudi Aramco has adjusted oil prices for Europe and the United States

In November, Arab Light is sold in the US market for a $6.35 premium over the regional brand. Northwestern Europe and the Mediterranean are buying Light and Extra Light at $1.8 off, Medium and Heavy at $1.5 off. The premium to ICE Brent for these regions amounted to $0.9, for Asia this figure corresponds to … Read more

military expert Dandykin explained why the United States is rushing Kyiv with the offensive

According to a publication in the Financial Times, the Americans motivate such a rush by weather conditions: the ground there supposedly may not freeze, and muddy roads will impede the advance of troops. However, their real motives, Dandykin believes, are much more prosaic. .

expert Selivanov predicted the United States a repetition of the fate of the USSR

According to the lieutenant colonel, President Biden in this sense is worthy of anecdotes no less than the most ridiculous Soviet leaders. And the current situation, that is, the war that the United States unleashed in Ukraine, will become what Afghanistan turned out to be for the USSR – also a blow. .

The United States was called responsible for the murder of Dugin’s Ukrainian authorities

Recall that the murder of Dugina took place on the evening of August 20 during a car explosion on the Mozhaisk highway in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. According to the FSB of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian special services are behind the murder of Dugina, the perpetrator is a citizen of Ukraine … Read more

Volodin: the United States is not going to return its public debt

Global Look Press | State Duma Russia/ Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin assessed the record levels of the US public debt. According to him, the US national debt for the first time in history has exceeded 31 trillion dollars. Such borrowing amounts to more than 30% of world GDP. “The exorbitant growth of … Read more

The Guinness Book of Records awarded the title of the tallest domestic cat to a pet resident of the United States

The pet of a man named William John Powers from Michigan conquered the representatives of the Guinness Book of Records with his height. Being a hybrid of a domestic cat and an African serval, the Fenrir cat managed to grow up to 47 centimeters. Such growth provided him with the title of the tallest living … Read more