The International Criminal Court has criticized the European Union for a plan to arrange a tribunal over Russia

According to him, the proposal to create a special tribunal, which should operate with the support of the UN, does not make sense, since the ICC is capable of investigating war crimes committed in Ukraine. Khan stressed that the ICC has already launched an investigation, but he cannot punish Russia for conducting a special operation, … Read more

MEP Wallace: The leadership of the European Union should stop interfering in the affairs of other countries

Such a statement was made in response to the long-standing, but famous words of the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, who called the EU a garden, and everything around is a jungle. It happened in October, when Borrell ambiguously stated that the gardener “needs to go out into the jungle” in order to prevent … Read more

Hungary did not allow the European Union to approve financial support for Ukraine for 2023

The EU countries could not come to an agreement on the issue of support for Ukraine. Hungary opposed allocating a new batch of aid to official Kyiv. The EU expected to send 18 billion euros of macro-financial assistance in 2023. .

The European Union announced the first revision of the level of the “ceiling” of oil prices from the Russian Federation

The “ceiling” of oil prices, which the EU countries expect to put into effect on December 4, will be regularly reviewed to maintain relevance. For the first time this should happen in mid-January 2023, the press was told in the European Union. .

EU allows Twitter to be banned in the European Union in case of non-compliance with the rules

European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton has again threatened to ban the Twitter short messaging service in the European Union if the site does not adhere to EU content moderation rules. The politician announced this on December 1, according to the news outlet According to Breton, in Europe they are closely following … Read more

The European Union and the G7 agreed on measures against oil from Russia

Both measures, according to the plan of the initiators, should reduce the budget revenues of our country received from the production and export of oil. In fact, they will have no less impact than on Russia on the economies of European countries that depend on our supplies by a quarter, and in a global sense, … Read more

The European Union reached agreements on limiting prices for Russian oil

The European Union confirmed the agreement reached between the participating countries on the introduction of a price ceiling for Russian oil supplied by sea. The information was provided by the Czech representation in the Commonwealth Council by publishing a corresponding post on its Twitter account. .

The Russian Union of Martial Arts created a detachment of volunteers to participate in the SVO

According to him, the detachment included more than 90 people, including masters of sports of international class, honored masters of sports and first-class athletes. “Immediately after the competition, they will go to training, and then to the zone of a special military operation,” Trutnev explained at the opening of the martial arts forum “Battle of … Read more

WSJ: The European Union admitted that it has no right to confiscate the frozen assets of the Central Bank

“For several months, pressure has been mounting on Brussels from some member countries to come up with a way to seize Russian assets and hold Russian top officials accountable ,” the newspaper writes. However, EU officials said on November 30 that, due to the international principle of state immunity, they cannot legally do so. Now … Read more