The nutritionist called unhealthy food combinations

Some food combinations can cause serious harm to health. This was announced on Friday, September 2, by nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg. The specialist noted that, in particular, the combination of red meat and salt can negatively affect the human body, as it can provoke the development of atherosclerosis. “Also, this combination contributes to the development of … Read more

Political scientist Martynov called unhealthy the reaction of the President of Finland to the words of Putin

According to the expert, we are talking about a clinical case, namely psychosis. Thus, the political scientist commented on the news that the statement of the head of the Russian state forced the Finnish president to urgently leave Sweden. .

Sales of unhealthy food in London fell after the ban on its advertising in public transport

After the introduction of a ban on advertising unhealthy food in public transport, Londoners have become much less likely to buy it. The consumption of unhealthy foods decreased by a total of 6.7%, or 10,001 kcal per week. Such data are provided in a study supported by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine … Read more

Unhealthy food and alcohol advertising bans cost $ 500 billion // Brand Finance calculates the losses of the largest manufacturers from such restrictions

Coca-Cola, Diageo, Heineken and other large corporations are suffering significant losses due to restrictions on advertising of alcohol and junk food. According to estimates by Brand Finance, losses could exceed $ 500 billion. Due to bans and restrictions on advertising of alcohol, confectionery, snacks, drinks with a high sugar content, etc., the business may lose … Read more

UK to restrict junk food advertising on TV and online

The British government is going to ban advertising of junk food on TV until 21:00 from 2023 and to tighten restrictions on such advertising online. The Guardian wrote about such plans of the authorities on Wednesday, on Thursday this information was confirmed by the Minister of Health of Great Britain Joe Churchill. Online advertising of … Read more

Nestlé admits it produces unhealthy food

The largest Swiss food company, Nestlé, has admitted that most of its products do not meet the “recognized definition of healthy (food.— “B”), and “some … categories and products can never be considered ‘healthy’.” The acknowledgment is contained in an internal company presentation reviewed by the Financial Times. According to the newspaper, the presentation was … Read more