RIA Novosti: mobilized Ukrainians were almost never taught how to shoot before being sent to the front

One of the prisoners, Alexander Pavlenko, rated his level of military training as one (on a five-point scale). “They went to the training ground twice,” he told RIA Novosti. Another prisoner, Maxim Pisarev, said that he and his colleagues had been digging trenches for six months: “For six months, I only shot 11 rounds.” Vitaly … Read more

“The wave of support has cooled down”: the former deputy of the Bundestag announced the disappointment of the Germans in the Ukrainians

Global Look Press | Christian Spicker via www.imago-/www.imago-images.de Residents of Germany became disillusioned with Ukrainian refugees due to cases of fraud with social benefits. The former deputy of the Bundestag, Waldemar Gerdt, spoke about this at a press conference organized by the Patriot Media Group. The politician claims that earlier Ukrainians could dance in the … Read more

EU concerned about surge in Ukrainian refugee trade

The lawyer emphasizes that “thousands of migrants from Ukraine” become victims of human trafficking. His opinion is also shared by representatives of European non-profit organizations and a number of civil activists. According to the statistical data available to experts, Ukrainians became victims of slave traders until 2022. .

“I have never fried a brick before”: Ukrainians have come up with a new way to keep warm at home

unsplash.com Residents of Ukrainian cities, which regularly experience power outages, have found a new way to keep warm in their homes. They began to buy fireclay bricks, which are able to withstand high temperatures and not ignite. Unusual life hack people share in social networks. “It is very cold here when the lights are turned … Read more

Dozens of Ukrainians hospitalized due to poisoning in Polish refugee center

The incident took place in the town of Glukholazy, Opole Voivodeship, where a refugee center is located. 15 children and 8 adults were taken to the hospital. Four have already been discharged. Doctors assess their condition as satisfactory. .

MP urged Ukrainians to stock up on food in case of damage to energy facilities

Ukrainians need to stock up on food in case of damage to energy facilities. This was announced on Sunday, November 28, by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, David Arakhamia. He noted that the next week will be difficult for Ukraine, as strikes on the country’s energy facilities are expected. “We urge everyone … Read more

Ukrainians refused to sit without heat and light in the hope of EU membership

After interview with wife Vladimir Zelensky – Elena, in which she announced the readiness of Ukrainians to live without light and heat for two or three years for the sake of EU membership, the people’s deputy, who is associated with the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, decided to check how much the inhabitants of the “square” agree … Read more